Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Breaking Points (Part 1)

When last we left our trio of heroes they had parted ways to each pursue their own objectives. After a brief conversation between Pall Mall and Trent they both split up. James watched arena matches. Trent soon joined him and they both watched a match featuring the ’borg that Trent had previously encountered and a lizard man named McGreggor Alistersaurus. During the match Trent tried to help the ’borg(mainly because he didnt want to lose money placed on him). but his plans back fired when his help actually aided the lizard man(which made james win some money)

Meanwhile Pall Mall was confronting the “used car” dealer who was actually a deevil in disguise. After a small scuffle he joined the others. again they split up. Trent went to the room to meditate and Pall went to meet with the boss…BLackblade. one of the more powerful demons here in Calgary. in exchange for information Pall was able to acquire McGreggor Alistersaurus. And again..James watched the matches..

Once more the group met up. this time PAll had a new lackey and Trent visibly shaken. Now all together they sat to watch the final fight of the evening. James was the most shocked as it was non other then people from his own pantheon! In to the arena stepped a figure clad in black was Mamers!a dark god!. standing beside him was Phobos another dark godling(who claims to be the son of ares). they where pitted against a tattoo man named Ares(of the olympian club). after a fierce battle Phobos was hurt, ares dead and Mamers just walked off. Unable to control his hatred and confusion any longer James did the unexpected and jumped into the arena to fight Phobos!

Vampire hunter d bloodlust 12516

The two traded insults briefly but the wounded godling was no match for the Fresh demigod. James dispatched the evil godling with one stroke of his sword. In his confusion/hate/ rage filled state James was about to deliver the killing blow when Trent activated a force field around Phobos to prevent James from doing something he would later regret. James having cooled down a bit calmly walked out of the arena.



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