Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Breaking Points (Part 2)

When James walked off, McGreggor and Pall Mall spoke to each other in McGreggor’s native alien language while Trent listened in with his magic. McGreggor and Pall Mall then left to get some of McGreggor’s personal gear from the Slave Pens. Trent headed back up to the shared room so he could meditate more and clear his thoughts. The mysterious stranger he met earlier had told him some very disturbing things that he needed some time to come to terms with.

Prayer Alone in the group’s shared room, James knelt on the floor and communed with Zeus. Zeus was none too pleased with the young demi-god, and their conversation was not a pleasant one. As their conversation wrapped up, Trent entered the room. He and James talked about what occurred in the arena earlier and the two of them discussed their goals.

A short time later, everyone made their way back to the shared room. The group spent about an hour or two resting and catching up on menial tasks. As everyone was finishing up, Pall Mall suggested they go purchase radios, in order to make group communications easier. While everyone was in agreement, James suggested a trip to the blacksmith in order to outfit themselves.

It was debated briefly, but Pall Mall got tired of trying to convince them and just left himself to go get the radios. James and Trent left to visit a blacksmith, with McGreggor leading the way (he had seen one recently). At the shop a four-armed demon smith greeted them and was as friendly as a typical four-armed demon usually was. While Trent translated between the demon and James, McGreggor began trying on random pieces of armor. The demon was not amused by his antics and started towards McGreggor. Based on what James was asking Trent to translate, Trent finally realized that James was looking for someone in particular there. Trent stopped the demon by asking to look at his slaves, as he said he was interested in purchasing one. He hoped that would allow James to find who he was looking for. Forge

As the four-armed demon showed off and priced his slaves, James found the being he was sent there to find – a Cyclops. While Trent tried to negotiate, McGreggor grabbed a giant hammer and knocked the main pin out of the restraining chains that were holding the slaves. The four-armed demon became furious and rushed McGreggor, but he was tripped by one of his own demon slaves and instead flew threw the air at McGreggor. McGreggor swung the hammer at the demon as it flew towards him, smashing the demon into the wall with a one-shot KO.

The other slaves (another demon, and an elf) both escaped, but the Cyclops stayed and lamented his fate. James offered some power to the Cyclops from his own unique restraint. This re-vitalized the Cyclops, who then took off. James ran off after him. McGreggor claimed a suit of archaic armor as his spoils and left. This left Trent alone in the shop with an unconscious demon who was rapidly recovering, and would not be happy at all when he woke up. Trent cast some time-stop magic to give himself a few moments to think. He then decided he had no choice but to rid the body for the near future, to prevent the 4-armed demon from seeking vengeance. Trent placed the recovering demon in a temporal stasis field, then shoved him into an impromptu dimensional envelope, which Trent then cancelled, causing the creature to be ejected to the unknown void between dimensions.

Trent grabbed a couple of Chrysteel Swords that caught his eye as he walked out and found Pall Mall outside, riding his Metzla Demon and talking with McGreggor. Pall passed Trent a radio and they headed towards the Calgary Rift, in search of Solomon.

The Locate spell Pall Mall had used showed Solomon to be in the heard of the demon rift, but that proved to not be the case. James and his new Cyclops friend joined them then, and James asked Pall and Trent if either of them could help the Cyclops get to a more pleasant place or dimension. Pall ahd no time for such requests, and Trent said he could try, but not right now. Together they all surmised that Solomon was actually underground, under the rift itself. At that revelation Pall Mall immediately summoned another Metzla so it could dig them a way down there. Trent managed to get him to hold off, and instead he reconnoitered subtly and saw a Deevil army massing underground, barely being held back solely by a furiously fighting golden-haired woman. Sewer rift There was a second rift down there where the Deevils were pouring out of, and Solomon appeared to be laying on the ground, unconscious, in front of that Rift.

Trent ended his spell and was violently ejected back out from the solid stone. James caught him as he flew by through the air. They went to a semi-private location nearby and between frozen breaths, Trent relayed what he saw to the rest of them, even using illusion magic to show them exactly what he saw when necessary. James recognized the woman as Athena, the goddess he had hoped to find here.

They discussed whether this was a Deevil diversion, or simply a true invasion. While Trent had gottena pretty good look, there was no sign of Baaz down there, and there had been other Deevils spotted within the city proper. Pall left to inform Dakkon Blackblade of this threat under the Calgary rift and enlist Demon aid. James left to inform his pantheon. Trent left to meet with the mysterious stranger he encountered earlier, and enlist his aid. McGreggor was otherwise pre-occupied with seeing his first Rift (the Calgary rift, impressive indeed), and had walked away from the group earlier to assemble some sort of exploratory vehicle out of the mechanical rubble pile the demon slavers had created. McGreggor tucked away a few nuclear power supplies, in case he needed some backup firepower.



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