Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Fairy Carnival

- where getting answers is like drawing blood from a stone

Fairy carnival road
Fairy carnival gettingout
Fairy carnival ok
Fairy carnival gettingout2
Fairy carnival into
Fairy carnival intro
Fairy carnival otherside
Fairy carnival tix
Fairy carnival buy1
Fairy carnival buy2


this is awesome lol

Fairy Carnival

I hate the fact that it’s so good that I have to award a bunch of XP for it…sigh.

Fairy Carnival

That is ok- he can take your place instead in Rebuilt- because this is Fu#$ing awesome!
Yes, and it only makes sense to him…. laughed so hard!!

Fairy Carnival

This was absolutely amazing!

Fairy Carnival

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