Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Fleeing for our lives, Finding Easter Eggs

Still glowing fro their recent success against an outnumbering horde of demons Pall Mall, Trent, Jescha, McGreggor, Steve and James take a moment to catch their breath.

“Ill be needing to recover some energy guys – im almost tapped out.” The three eyed sowki was still in human form and his plea for respite was sympathized by the time mage Trent.

" I hear ya Pall. Jescha and I are pretty tapped out too. In fact I have a bad feeling that it might even take the entire

session today before we can be back to full capacity. Why dont you meditatae for a bit while McG, Steve and I recon these

hallways and make sure we are alone and have left no stone un turned."

“Much appreciated my friends. I will be off the radar for a bit so dont go too far.” At that Pall Mall sits down in a relaxed

meditative position and begins his rejuvenation.

“no problem Pall we’ll be close – right Steve?”

“Totally dude – I need some time outta my armor any way – if only for a few minutes. And im sure McGreggor is going to be…hey wait! – where is McG?” The human Steve folding the last of his armorinto place for safe keeping and looking almost frantic as he realized McGreggor has escaped the groups collective babysitting for more than thirty seconds.

“Shit – not again…McGreggor!!!” – James called out for his dino Friend from another dimension.

“down here you guys – i think i found something!!” – McG’s voice was muffled by some distance away – down a few hallways.

Jescha, Trent, Steve and James make their way toward the sound of their companions voice and find him looking over a sandstone room filled with stalactites and stalagmites, centered around a seemingly out of place pool measuting about 20 feet in circumference.

Noting the smell McGreggor tells the group that he recognizes a scent in the air and that it was the very same or similar smell as the scroll found on Bethshiva in her praise of Hablar the Speech Giver. Curious, Steve takes a whack at a few deductive reasonings and begins to swim around, using one of his Power Armors infinite number of abilities – one designed for every possible character pinch ever – swimming in this case. He begins to try to capture these fish that are trying to nibble at him and then become disinterested. Sending one to McG Steve asks for some olfactory info on these strange creatures.
Winter flounder
Taking a bite, McGreggor almost barf’s a lung telling the group that he just had to save vs lethal poison. He also says that the smell and makeup is very simillar to that of Steve’s power armor. At this steve lights up like Golem in LOTR and begins fishing the best he can. Collecting 4 of the startnge precursors to flounder, steve gives his collection to Pall for safe keeping. After the handoff, Stevelalso mentions that the well/pool is more than 700 feet deep. The entire group raises an eyebrow and decides to revisit the pool once weve had a chance to fully recharge. At this Trent and Jescha exit through some kind of temporal thing that the group dosnt really understand but before leaving the let us know that theyll be checking in randomly.

The group begins the journey back to Bethshiva’s village. Here the group begins to recharge and actually gets about 4 hours of rest. Upon the fifth hour, McGreggor notifies the group that there seems to be a stampede of elephants headding towards the group. Waking the group, McG redies his hammer.
Most in the group have no idea what an elephant is but James relays his experience from his fighting in Africa. Steve is the first to act waking Pall Mall from his meditation and swooping him up in his arms, taking flight away from the fray. James and McGreggor let the addiction for more xp’s get the better of them and begin attacking the Elephants, which uppon first damage taken, spew out hordes of demons like a pinata at a QuinceaƱera. Pall Mall, voicing his opinion to the group encourages his companions to avoid unnecessary violence and after a few actions the group is flying back to the Gardens to try to find a safe-ish place.

Elephant stampede

There the lure of more investigation gets the better of the entire group and Steve, Pall, James and McGreggor go into the Aqueducts to investigate some clues found in the previous session. In the underground hallways the group followed symbols of a farvahar to find a seeinlgy insane and senile old man. After casting tongues on him, the man spoke in riddles and gibersih and basically was of no use – trying to convince the group that the appocolypse has come and that we should accept our fate.

Aqueduct tunnel

Members of the group note that he had fresh blood and dirt on his hands. Continuing down the halls the group finds several illusionary walls that end up leading towards a caved in dead end. After a mystic portal the group sees a swirling mass that ended up being diagnosed ( through smell by McG ) as anti matter. Impulsivley the Dino slugs a rock at the mass through the portal breaking the glass that seemingly served as a container.

After recovering from a failed Horror Factor, Pall Mall Closes the portal hoping to protect everyone from an antimatter tsunami. After a bit nothing really happens so the group digs their way to to the anti matter containment field. Realizing that they were in an improvised access point the groups spends quite a bit of time finding their way around the anti matter but to no real avil – looking for another entrance.

Pall Mall, suggesting that they use the map captured on his camera, relays that were near one of the points on he map. A few land nav;sand astronomy rolls later the group finds themselves at seemingly the right spot, but possibly the wrong time. A successful mythology roll tells Pall that they ned to wait untill night as the god, Sin, is key to revealing the part of the adventure.

Starmap small

As night arrives the group sees an etherial, extoplasmic staircase appear and they follow it down to the city of XXinsert name that dan cant rememberXX . in the city James uses Commune with spirits to discover more about the city and what happened here. The group discovers that a comet had impacted in the city and destroyed nearly everything. Upon further discovery of the city they find a sort of a sanctuary where they find a human looking man named Strom Brightblade. We discover, through explanation of who we are and a few deductive reasonings that STrom was the brother of Dakkon Blackblade, who was recently killed by Strom – or so he says. Strom apprears to be one of the good guys and warns us that we have been naive in our security and that the deons have follwed us. At that we get into combat.


A few rounds of ambushed and unprepared PC’s and well prepared magic using demons leave the group without initiative, pall mall muted, McGreggor stuck in Carpet of Adhesion, and steve and james to fend offome overwhelming odds. Pall’s resourcefullness shines again and he uses the Varja to teleport the group,including Strom, to Bethshivas tattered village.

Upset at this, Strom leaves disgusted and teleports out of our sight. At the village, the group sees evidence of some arauders who fought off the demons unleashed previusly by McG and James.
Following tracks back to a seeingly dead end at a wall, the group decides that the legend of Ali babba ( that they had heard rumors about ) is true and that he may provide an aliance for them. Camping in an obvious place they wait for Ali Babba to approach. Several hours go by and the man and his 28 theives appear, try to hustle the group but upon explanation of the situation Ali offers safe haven – even if just for a few hours – to discuss our stuation.

After discussion of the demons, Ali helps us decide where the source of the demons could be – the tower of Babble and to the south at the dead sea. The revelation of the star chart bring Ali paused caution and he reccomends the group discuss this in
private. At a private place he mentions that there is an 8th undisclosed location but it is useless to even look for unil the plague of youngs is lifted. He also mentions that for him to help us further he would like to get his hands on a bauble of sentimental value – a lamp – that he desperatly wants back. He mentions that only to people know about the 8th location and it is very dificult to find depending on the time of year etc…

Having all of this to think about the group leaves Ali and goes back to the gardens where Pall mentions that he will be back in 20-24 hours. he would be going into a time hole t regenerate and completley prepare for the final leg of this journey.


Wow! What an incredible session! The lost city of Ubar (Atlantis of the Sands) / Ilam, City of Pillars, an antimatter comet, Alibaba and his 29 Thieves, a missing magical lamp, and YET MORE ADVENTURE with Chaos Demons of the Apocalypse! There’s only a few easter eggs and side-quests left so you guys are really picking up steam. It feels like there’s a lot of loose ends though:

Sonja captured by Mummuu, the Crown on Widow’s human body, Alibaba and the elusive eighth hidden location on the Celestial Cartography map, TWO last locations on the same map, Mount Sodom map from the Disciple Bathsheba and the Salt Mountain at the Dead Sea, the Epic of Gilgamesh and the City of Uruk (Ishtar’s Sacred Cult of Holy Prostitution — you can’t make this shit up), northern Hyrcania bordering the Caspian Sea — Tubal Cain artificer, Zoroaster, and…I think that’s it…but all that shit is optional wink. Oh wait! The Naked Man and the Tower of Babel. But now I think that’s totally it.


What did you do with the other thieves?


Alas, as a result of player actions (read: cowardice / avoiding unnecessary violence) earlier in the session Alibaba lost 11 of his band of merry marauding men to a wave of demons. It was a sad sad day in the Den of Thieves.



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