Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Gm Sidebar Adventure

During the Gm Side bar, Pall Mall does the following and will share freely with the group his findings:
Thor Interrogation
Pall finds Thor in a pub getting shitty. He then metamorphs into Bevmorda and casts hypnotic suggestion to convince him to come outside. The Metzla’s are waiting to wreak havoc and it takes several whips of agony to convince them to behave enough to get a decent interrogation from Thor. By casting domination Pall finds out that:

Thor was tricked into going to Tartus to rescue his brother loki. Thor still resides there as a prisoner while no one but the Goqua, Loki-G, has any information about Loki’s whereabouts.

There is an alliance between the Asgardian False gods, The New Asgardians, and the Dark Olympian False Gods, Dark Olympus.

Thor (the imposter) also reveals that the best way to get there would be to go through Olympus. Reasoning begs: Who would be able to circumvent Lord Hades? or is he in on it? or is this just another trap to get the group imprisoned?

Thor (the imposter) gives Pall Mall all combination’s/passwords to all his shit and secret passwords/knocks to meet with Loki-G successfully, how much he had been paying Bevmorda, when Loki-G was supposed to met up with him, how Pall would know that its Loki-G etc…

Thor (the imposter) is disrobed and then slain by the Metzla but not before Pall Mall takes his head.

material for 20 scrolls
made 2 scrolls of anihilate to trade
1 invincible armor
2 sorcerous fury
1 wall of defense
3 teleport superior
3 mystic portal

spends 100k on:
Rations for the sanctuary
x3 First aid Kits
x3 RMK

Meeting Loki-G
Pall Sets up an elaborate ruse, using Bevmorda, imitate voices and the head of Thor on a broken broomstick, positioned in a chair that when turned around looked like Thor was in the chair. The final touch was a phone taped to his ear and the imitate voices to make it look like Thor was on the phone.

As the goqua approached, both Pall ( hiding in the closet ) and Bev ( waiting near the door with a suicide Flash Freeze grenade ready ) had their hands on the Dragon Eye Gems to pierce any illusions. An invisible Goqua shows up shortly thereafter to collect his payments from Thor.

A failed imitate voices triggers then initiative, with Bevmorda winning and thusly releasing the flash freeze grenade on the Goqua before he could get away. Pall mall rifts the icy ball to Asguard, where he sends a magic pigeon to Odin informing him of his prisoner. Asguard is in a state of war and there are pockets of battle everywhere, Heimdall, The Gate Keeper, appears ragged and battle beaten.

Odin shows and looks obviously shaken by the battles and current state of Asgard. He appears to be off quite a bit.

Loki-G interrogation (need more info from brent here)
Confirms the alliance of Dark Olympus and the New Asgardians.
Admits the does not know where Loki is but that Thor is indeed a prisoner in Tartus, victim of the trick to rescue Loki

Pall loots the Goqua and makes sure he is dead. He also removes a toenail form the beast should he ever need a sample to track down any later version of him.

Pall Mall gets back to Calgary and feeds the Metzlas for a second time. (90k)
He collects all of his things and tells the valkries (Sonja and Brigid ) and Bev to hang tight while he gets ready for the Calgary battle.

Pall teleports back to his sanctuary and, after some harsh discipline of Bloodstone creates the following scrolls:
x4 Dessicate The Supernatural
x2 D-Step
x2 Annihilate

If necessary will use blood stone as a ppe battery, but can always just use advanced meditation to regain – just a matter of how much time??
He also attempts to investigate all of his booty from Thor and Loki-g, finding a dimensional pocket that he cant dispel.

Then Pall teleports back to Calgary with Bloodstone mentioning to Gimbly that he will be back soon to put the finishing touches on the sanctuary.


That’s some serious shit that went down.

Gm Sidebar Adventure

That’s AWESOME!!!

Gm Sidebar Adventure

Wow, these are not pushovers!

Gm Sidebar Adventure

Shifter Class is broken. It’ll be rebalanced in the next pass.

Gm Sidebar Adventure

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