Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Halfway to Calgary - A Conversational Interlude

Following the battle with the wild psi-stalkers, The Deacon looked around at the carnage all around him and he called out, “Trent, that is the second time I’ve seen you use this ability. How does it work exactly?”

Looking back at The Deacon, Trent replied, “The time stop? It’s time magic. It literally stops time for every one and thing in a small area. Anything that enters that area, such as weapons fire, is also captured in the effect. When the effect ends time for everything that was stopped is restarted as if nothing happened.”

Hearing their conversation, James chimed in. “Nice to know you have that kind of ability. What other tricks can you do?"

“Tricks?” Trent looked back at James, angrily. “I devoted years of my life to master this magic.” Trent went over to check on Graatch, his gryphon, while taking a moment to calm himself down. He cleared his throat and continued, more calmly. “I can twist time and space for a variety of effects. Some of which you’ve already seen. Remember that extra-dimensional space I set up and worked out of back at the refugee camp? That’s just one other example.”

James apologizes to Trent. "Sorry. Figure of speech. I’ve seen magic like this before when i was in Africa.

The Deacon responds to Trent, “Extra dimensional space eh? So you can just make a little room where ever you please?” Deacon turns his head to the side as if listening to something, mutters an incomprehensible response and looks back at Trent expectantly for an answer.

Trent looks to The Deacon and tells him, “Well, within reason I can. It takes a lot of energy to make one that lasts for more than a few hours though. I’m certainly not up to it now.” He then thinks for a moment, pondering what James just said. “You’re a long way from Africa, James. Is that where you’re from?” Trent tries to remember, but can’t recall if James ever told him anything about himself. He thinks to himself, Other users of Temporal Magic? If James is ‘familiar’ with Temporal Magic then I’ll need to be a little more wary around him.

“No, I am not from Africa,” James tells Trent. “I was there helping fight the Four Horseman. As where many great heroes. There was a man who claimed to be from a place called the 20th century. I never really got around to asking him about it but Erin told me it had to do with time so I take it that it was some kind of time magic"

“The Horsemen have been released?!” The Deacon exclaims, questioningly. “That must mean four of the Seals have been broken! Grave times these are indeed as we have found ourselves in the Great Tribulation.” Talking to no-one in particular, he continues speaking. “The Lord has seen fit to test our faith during these times. That would explain the Demons walking among us!”

The Deacon notices the scintilla of a twinkling constellation resplendent with celestial majesty against the backlit-black of the night’s canopy. It’s a beautiful night. The air is crisp. The stars are shining. It is, he thinks to himself, as if The Heavens are calling down to their mortal souls. He asks aloud, to no-one in particular, “What constellation is that? That one from the center there, three stars to the right?”

OrionTrent looked up and realized that The Deacon is asking about the constellation Orion, The Hunter – a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world. It’s one of the most conspicuous and recognizable constellations in the night sky. As Trent looked at it the constellation twinkled brightly, and he noticed that it was pointing due West, toward Calgary. Oddly, it seemed to Trent as if one of the pivotal stars was conspicuously absent.

“You mean that one there?” Trent replied, pointing to Orion. “That’s known as Orion, The Hunter. I don’t know the story behind it, but it seems like there’s a star… missing? Probably just a trick of the atmosphere. It’s pointing in the direction we’ve been heading though – maybe that’s good luck?”

Thinking about the constellations reminded Trent of a time, not too long ago, when he lay outside at night with Jescha and tried to teach some of them to her. He decided he didn’t want to think on that anymore, so he broke away from the conversation and began to clear the dead psi-stalker bodies out of their camp. As he dragged each of them away to where he felt was far enough for the night, he searched through them to take any credits or valuable items. After all, it wasn’t like they were going to need them anymore.

While Trent was dragging bodies away, The Deacon turned to face James. “James,” he said. “Are you familiar with anything about that?”

James looked up at the night sky to see where The Deacon was talking about, and recognized the constellation of Orion. As he recalled the story of Orion it reminded him of Artemis, his mother-figure. The only outward response James gave The Deacon was a small gasp at that remembrance, followed by his quiet utterance of, “Mother…”

The rest of the night passed uneventfully, in quiet. Trent meditated, wrote in his journal for a while, and then started looking over the items he collected from that hatch. Once or twice his thoughts tried to wander back to events from his past, but he focused on puzzling out the usages for these techno-wizard items. What are these electric softballs, Trent wonders? Are they for some sort of Techno-Wizard softball display? And this leather armor, it doesn’t look like traditional Techno-Wizardry – if such a thing even exists. Is that a Techno-Wizard-modified electronic cigarette? At that last item Trent wondered, quite literally, what the Techno-Wizard who created THAT was smoking!



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