Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Learning Calgary and its dangers

Uncertain of what awaited them in the Demon City, the group decided to infiltrate Calgary in two phases. First a recon unit made of Pall Mall, Sonja and James, who would investigate the level of hostility toward non demons and then, if safe they would send for the rest of the group. Calculating for contingency, Trent provides Pall Mall with two scrolls that would allow for a secret entrance to the city for the rest of the group.

Pall Mall, Sonja and James head of into the foggy distance riding atop the fury beetle recently acquired by the master summoner. In the mean time Trent and the Deacon make preparations to dig in and wait for word from Pall Mall. The spooky scene before them, the never ending fog and proximity to a massive demon city begins to wear on the nerves of The Deacon. In the distance a shadowy column of figures begins to appear, causing the Deacons trigger finger to go straight into position.

Pall Mall, Sonja and James begin to see torch light cutting through the smokey distance and with that, the security detail Sonja, is cut loose. She begins a quick Journey back to the groups hide out. After he quick exit James and Pall Mall begin to hear the soothing sound of Black Metal to the tune of “Trigger” by In Flames. Its deep dark melody and electrifying high notes let the two know that they are in for a brand new experience – a demon city writhe with every embodiment of evil and debauchery.

Looking around they begin to take in the scene. A total bombardment of the senses – shit and feces in the street, slaves being treated like less than human ( or whatever they were ) screams of terror and murder assail their ears. Pall Mall actually begins to feel a bit at home when he realizes he does’nt have to worry so much about being discriminated against because of his non human appearance and begins to happily investigate – with his man servant James – the source of the inviting sounds – a bar just off the main drag.

The Deacon is ready for anything and can barely stand it as the figures, once so shadowy on the foggy horizon come into view. He sets up in a good sniper position and piers though his scope, viewing a scene that makes his blood boil red. A number of slavers, mostly Shedim and Alu Demon Hounds, leading hundreds of slaves towards Calgary, the demon city, no doubt into lives of servitude and misfortune.

Shortly after this scene assails the Deacon, Sonja reappears, offering her services. Trent and Sonja try to advise The Deacon on prudent actions to take, and not to get all of them killed or captured. Somehow during this conversation the Deacon gets really stubborn and salty over something the Valkyrie said and begins to focus is righteous might against her. Through exhausting conversation, Sonja and Trent try to convince The Deacon that he cant just go into Calgary shooting up the place if he wants to live longer than a day. The Stubborn Christian wont digress and storms off – saying something about alien dinosaur fighter pilots.

At this intersection Trent gets a communication rift from Pall Mall, letting him know of the status of the recon mission. Trent is adamant about the original plan to secretly portal into the city undetected, while in contrast, Pall Mall would like to “conserve our resources” so they could be put to better use. Conceding to the Temporal Wizards desire Pall Mall agrees to use the scrolls as planned.

In the Bar Pall Mall speaks in Demongogian to his fellow kin and tries to ascertain the best way to traverse the city unmolested. Realizing that he needs some currency, Pall Mall has his servant cash in some raw gems to be able to buy a few drinks with the blood marbles received in exchange. He makes conversation with an attractive female demon bull who advises him to go to Valhalla, a resort hotel decorated with an Asgardian theme. Inquiring about the marks of ownership he seen on most everyone in town, Pall Mall tries to figure out from the Demon Bull whats the deal. She inquires as to how he came to the city and Pall Mall lies – saying that he was randomly rifted here with his servant.

Again she recommends that they travel to Valhalla and that they would be very comfortable there. On their way Pall Mall and James find a dealer of animals and sell the Fury Beetle, getting some currency to use for their stay, but the owner asks them to make a bet for him, giving him some odd looking Pentagrams n return. Asking the dealer about money exchange and beginning a larger conversation, Pall Mall sends James ahead to acquire lodging at Valhalla.

James decides, unbenounced to Pall Mall, that it would be a great idea to turn into a Wolfen, which he had apparently seen in the streets earlier. He travels to Valhalla and, just as Pall hoped, announces himself as a servant of the Sowki and requests lodging. At the mention of his masters race the concierge suspects an illusion and pierces the Wolfen disguise with a crystal of true seeing. The concierge of course is un trusting of the “Wolfen” and sends him to the slave pens where he would await the rest of the group for several hours, beaten and segregated from the rest of the slaves the whole time because of some off handed and strategically failing comments.

Pall Mall makes it to Valhalla and gets settled in and inquires about his servant. He is told that James is in the slave pens and Pall Mall replies by replying that that is probably the best place for him. Once in the room, Pall Mall uses the scrolls to get the rest of their group to join them. Catching up on all the intel from Pall Mall, Trent decides take the form of a black Jin and that it would be a good idea to get some currency by gambling on the fights mentioned by both the concierge and the animal salesman. But first he must reacquire his buddy James from the slave pits, which he does rather easily. While he is there Pall Decides to have a beer and relax.

At the concierge desk the group place their bets with not only their own currency but the currency that the Animal Salesman gave them too. At the sight of this the concierge begins to battle the group calling in some demonic minions and revealing his true form as a Sowki – saying he is the warrior Thor! Pall Mall is Taken aback by this and caught off guard. After a few rounds of combat, armor of ithans, chromatic protection, magical adrenal rush, paired Valerye sword attacks, carpet of adhesions, expel demons and domination the group is able to subdue the Sowki and his cohorts. After some extortion Pall Mall is able to walk away with some demon slaying weapons, 1 million in blood marbles, some juicy intel on who the Sowki is and who he works for and whats the deal with the Dyvaal presence and how they are identified – throuh the pentagons.

After this exchange the group begins to look forward to the fight so they can make some money and is getting anxious to find Cane and Baaz. Pall Mall decides to have some “Companionship” and finds the Succubus, Bevorda. They have a great dick to mouth conversation about Asgardian direction for its minions here in Calgary and Pall decides to buy her ebt so that she can travel with the group and provide a bit more subtle options for them.

Casting Locate, Pall Mall informs the group that Solomon is close and that we should get this adventure under way – however there are some tantalizing loose ends that could lead us closer to Baaz – like the animal dealer who is obviously a Dyvaal in disguise.


Thor dispatched- with seemingly little effort. Impressive.

Learning Calgary and its dangers

Thor the Warrior isn’t even a fraction as powerful as the real McCoy.

Learning Calgary and its dangers

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