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Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Madhaven and the Eye of Osiris

Bastion Campbell of Pyrewood Industries & Operations was looking to build the name and reputation of the new mercenary arm of the company. He found a little office in Lazo that would work perfectly as a place to open a remote office for all the paperwork. Zander Frey, the D-Shifter that Bastion found in a stasis chamber at an old NEMA cache, came along to lead the new recruits on the next mission.

Zander and Bastion attended a job auction but arrived late due to circumstances involving a hovercycle, a toaster, and a woman named Rolinda. As they walked in the last job of the week was on the block, so they bid blindly for 1 million credits. Everyone in the room turned around to look at them as if they were crazy and the auctioneer continued, “One Million going once…twice…Sold to…I’m sorry what company do you represent?” “Pyrewood Industries & Operations” Bastion replied with a big smile on his face. They were told to meet with the Job Owner in a back room as everyone left the building.

Tyvernos was a tall elf of what would be plain standards of handsome to others of his kind, but still superior to an average human. He was surprised at the amount requested, but did not disclose the starting bid, just that Pyrewood was the only group to even put in an offer. He told them the job was a retrieval mission into the depths of Madhaven. They were to retrieve an item known as the “Eye of Osiris” from a villainous Shifter named Legend who had absconded with the artifact from a secure location.

Daily planet globe
Bastion, being familiar with the location and general hearsay around Madhaven decided that they had better secure additional help for the mission if it was even going to have a chance at succeeding. They put out a bulletin via the Daily Planet news agency, which was intercepted by an ambitious photographer named Jimmy. Ever faithful to his longtime co-worker Lois, he brought it to her attention that it could be quite the scoop to investigate the mysterious Madhaven of which only a scant few have ever returned.

Ken Clark, the newest addition to the agency overheard their conversation and knew it could spell trouble for the two investigators. He notified them he was “headed east” to follow up on a lead and left for the office address he saw on the bulletin from across the room. He arrived before the reporters as his alter-ego Super Man.

Zander was behind the desk when Super Man arrived with his feet up on the desk, seemingly taking a nap after a hard morning that consisted of making toast with a hovercycle. Shortly after the superhero arrived, Lois and Jimmy came in behind him. As his one and only interview tactic, Zander turned into a being of light to gauge the reactions of the group: Super Man moved to block the reporters from attack, Jimmy couldn’t have gotten his camera out fast enough, and Lois casually put on her sunglasses. “Perfect! You all passed!” he exclaimed.
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Bastion had hired the services of Heli Choppers and ‘Cycles to airlift the group to a location a mile or two away from Madhaven. They were given a homing beacon to be used for extraction, but they would have to get out of the city to be retrieved. Their first obstacle was a wire bridge connecting Madhaven to the mainland. Lois made it across no problem, Jimmy almost fell and instead of dropping the camera to maintain balance, he held onto it tighter and called for help. Super Man was able to fly and save Jimmy and safely deliver him to the other side. Zander, also hitched a ride with the Super Dude.

Hawk J Hunter who was late to the party was also airlifted in and he parachuted down in a LELO drop to join the group. Upon his arrival, he threatened to kill the reporters due to their “uselessness” in being able to complete the mission he was hired to accomplish. The rest of the group was appalled and told him if he didn’t want the company, then to go do it himself. Clearly, Bastion had not given this new recruit the Light Test.

Madhaven harmful ghost
Zander noticed that once they were inside the city proper that ghosts and entities were everywhere he looked. Seeking to investigate the area further, he d-shifted, straddling the Astral Plane and the mortal world where he attracted the attention of a disturbed spirit. He managed to shift back, the spirit followed him and the group attempted to fight the creature head on to little avail. Jimmy nearly dead, and Super Man and Zander paralysed, all hope was nearly lost until Lois located the beings anchor item (a photo) and simultaneously a Gateway Knight appearing who then proceeded to cleave the creature in two.
The Gateway Knight desperately pleaded with the group to leave Madhaven for their own safety, but when He found out what they were looking for, he decided to bring them to a place known as the Garden to meet with his leader. The Garden was beautiful and full of all sorts of D-Bee’s and mutants. They were brought to a fountain and told to wait to meet with the General.

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Lois, Jimmy and Zander let curiosity get the better of them and they left to investigate the remains of a museum. Here they looked for clues in the Egyptian exhibit to lead them to the Eye of Osiris. Instead they found a map with a place named “Bluum” marked on it. This triggered an alarm and they were forced to return the map to it’s place and then escorted back to the fountain where Super Man and Hawk were already meeting with the groups leader.

Sir Geoffrey Colt was the name of the Leader of a group he identified as the Order of the White Rose. As it turns out, they contracted Tyvernos with the mission to find people to help them recover the Eye of Osiris. Clearly, he had chosen the lowest bidder in hopes of keeping the difference that he had been paid to carry out the task. Seeing as this group was already here and informed (the best outcome is they succeed, the worst being their silencing), Sir Geoffrey teleported the group to just outside the New York Public Library where the Order suspected Legend was holed up.

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Lois heard the psionic cries of a child around the corner and decided to investigate. The rest of the group went to help her except for Hawk who scaled the library and entered it via the air ducts. Around the corner, there were no children and a shot rang out and bounced of Super Man. He heard their panic when it didn’t take him out and they ran off. Clearly this was gang territory, so the group went back to the library.

Super Man used Xray vision on the entrance and noticed big shapes moving behind it, so the group attempted to trick the beings by pressing up against the wall and knocking on the door. The Gargoyles burst out and despite the group’s effort to sneak in, they were caught. One of them grabbed Jimmy and was crushing him to death. Zander told him that the group had been summoned by Legend and they needed to see him immediately.

The lead gargoyle bought the bluff and brought them inside to the main chamber where on the ground was a giant magic circle. Hawk managed to sneak into an upper floor where he tried to use his SDC sniper rifle on the gargoyle leading the group. It failed and he was captured. Lois created a distraction and begged to use the bathroom, meanwhile Zander scuffed the circle rendering it useless.

The infected mage by jotuntroll
Legend revealed himself to be the lead gargoyle and turned into a humanish man with tattoos. Zander noticed the eye was on top of his staff so he challenged him to a rock battle for it, but the Shifter was not interested. Luckily ace reporter Lois began an interview where we learned his intention was to lead the people of Madhaven and create a sovereign state. He wished to eliminate all of the Order and reclaim the Garden for his “people”.

Hawk, was held back by Legend while the rest of the group was brought to a prison cell. He was offered a large sum of money to betray the rest of the group and kill them all. He accepted, was given a gun, and brought down to the cell. Meanwhile in the cell Zander was the only one who could see 6 other ghostly prisoners in the same cell. He turned to Light and escaped the cell with one guard chasing him, three remained to deal with the others.

Zander zipped up to the main room again where Legend was talking to some sort of humanoid cat creature. He became solid again and made a grab for the eye on the staff but was unable to get it. The cat creature activated Time Slip , gabbed the staff and ran into the circle. Legend began to claw his tattoos off and a gargoyle carried him down to the prison cells.

Super Man began to fight back once Legened was brought down. Hawk took out the gun he was given and tried to shoot Lois, but it exploded in his hand doing massive amounts of damage and vaporizing Legend. Once the fight resolved they began to make their way back up to the main hall.

Blue magic circles by mysticaltemptress d3cg8r5
Zander duplicated the time slip and followed the cat creature into the circle and tried to pull the staff free of it’s grasp. he was unable to so he activated it again and in a feat of strength, managed to flip the creature and pull the eye off the staff. He then broke the circle mid casting and a ley line storm ensued. Unaffected by the storm, Zander watched as the creature teleported away and a rift opened near him.

Isis walked out of the Rift and congratulated Zander on retrieving her husbands eye, but would not take it from him stating that others were already performing that task. She would inform the Knights that they were released from their oath to protect it.

Zander walked out of the storm to see the other companions. Hawk had had enough and ran into the Rift as it closed and ended up in Egypt. The rest went back down to the prison and Zander managed to release the ghostly prisoners who were locked in that state with a micro rift. They turned out to be 6 White Knights and they all returned to the Garden.

Jimmy, Lois, and Super Man were teleported back to Lazlo, but Zander remained behind to talk more with the Knights. based on his deeds, they offered him the rare chance to join their Order. He accepted the invitation and was brought aside by Sir Geoffrey and told that there has to be a mole in the Order working for evil and it must be rooted out and soon.


Awesome craziness, as always!
I have to ask, who played who?

Madhaven and the Eye of Osiris

In other words- who was Lois?

Madhaven and the Eye of Osiris

Dan – Lois
Ryan – Jimmy
Dave – Ken Clark/Supes
Chris – Hawk
Ike – Zander

Madhaven and the Eye of Osiris

The artist formerly known as “Legend” was played by Brent

Madhaven and the Eye of Osiris

Nice log I the break in Superman’s name :-)

Madhaven and the Eye of Osiris

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