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Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

New Calgary - The End

24 hours passed. Pall Mall, James and Trent Logan each spent that time pursuing their own leads in preparation for what they believed was to come. But they failed to anticipate one important wild card: McGreggor Alistersaurus. And the Demon City of New Calgary would never be the same.

Pall Mall arrived at the meeting point with his metzla demon and a new Valkyrie in tow, named Brigid. James arrived in the company of an Elf, while Trent arrived with Jescha. They used their radios to contact McGreggor, who was unaware of their meeting time and place, and directed him to join them. McGreggor showed up in a very makeshift suit of power armor, followed by a new friend he had just encountered from the Calgary Rift, named Steve (From the House of Gary).

The discussion of “what next” began anew, and the veracity of Trent’s story regarding Athena and the Deevil Rift was questioned. Trent took exception to this and opened a Mystic Portal from the alley to the area he had seen. This allowed all present to see for themselves the portal, the Deevil threat amassing, and the goddess Athena single-handedly holding them off.

Pall Mall noted that Sonja had not yet returned from her visit to Dakkon Blackblade, and he was unable to contact her via the radio he had given her.

While they debated what to do now, McGreggor tested the portal “window” and discovered that it was more than just a view window – things could actually pass through it! NukeHe asked the group, “We’re just trying to destroy those creatures?” to which the group confirmed that yes, that was indeed one of their goals. McGreggor then pulled out a makeshift explosive device and tossed it through the portal before anyone else who wished to stop him could react.

Fun fact: while Pall Mall, Trent, and James had each spent the last 24 hours travelling to other dimensions, contacting allies and working various leads, McGreggor had stayed in New Calgary and made some new friends. One of these new friends helped him convert some old power armor fusion power supplies into explosive devices, and it was one of those nuclear bombs that McGreggor so casually tossed into a portal that led to an underground location less than one-thousand feet away.

Ground collapse

The explosion rocked the ground they were standing on, and because the underground tunnels helped to contain and shape it, the group had a few precious moments to yell at McGreggor in disbelief and prepare themselves. Trent opened a new Mystic Portal to one of his dimensional spaces, but only the Elf sought refuge there, wasting no time jumping into it. Everyone else took off running and flying, trying to outrun the molten liquification and collapse of the ground as the bomb’s shockwave destroyed the very foundation of the city in this area.

Pall Mall was in the lead riding on top of his Metzla, his new Valkyrie friend following him. McGreggor’s suit stopped working (due to the EMP from the blast) but the strange D-Bee was able to fly anyway with his harness, the over-sized hammer he took from the blacksmith’s shop in his hands. The creature McGreggor had brought with him to the meeting site, named Steve, was flying under his own power via a set of giant wings. Trent closed his portal and he and Jescha took to the air via the Fly as the Eagle spell, leaving James still running on the increasingly unstable ground. Trent flew down to grab him and the three of them flew after the group.

The group escaped the blast radius and the chaos which was ensuing. Ruined buildings collapsed into the ground, and Demons of all kinds were heading towards the blast epicenter, armed for battle against the multitude of surviving Deevils. Everyone landed on a relatively stable rooftop outside the blase radius of the explosion. Pall Mall was angry and confronted McGreggor. The two started to fight but McGreggor was dropped to the ground with one strike from Pall Mall’s whip of Agony. Before it could escalate any further Trent captured them in a Time Stop effect. James took advantage of the frozen moment to have his newly awakened sword, Apple, psionically calm them with Empathic Transmissions.

Now that everyone was calmed down they regrouped and decided on their next course of action. Steve, from the House of Gary, was lost in more ways than one, but having no better options he stuck with everyone for the time being. With their radios and other primitive electronics fried Pall Mall decided to use magic to Locate Sonja. His spell told him she was still at Dakkon Blackblade’s office, where he had initially sent her. Pall Mall took off to get her. The group, still reeling over the current turn of events, followed him to help.

A strange psychic quake/reverberation was felt by nearly everyone as they traveled, and Jescha confided in Trent that something felt “wrong” about the ley lines. She became very nervous.

RubbleDakkon Blackblade’s office was a pile of rubble so Pall Mall began to summon a creature to excavate a way in. Instead Trent had Pall Mall indicate where Sonja was under the rubble, and then made a channel through the rubble with a Mystic Portal. The scene beneath the rubble that was revealed was that of a massive battle between Deevils and Demons! Pall Mall went in with Brigid to help Sonja get out. They quickly became overwhelmed and it devolved into a free-for-all for their lives.

A second psychic quake/reverberation was felt by everyone, and Jescha was getting increasingly worried that something really bad was going to happen any moment now. Trent opened up a portal to the same dimensional space he linked to earlier. He told everyone that something bad was about to happen, he didn’t know what, but he felt it was prudent to take shelter in the safe place he made available. Everyone else went through the one-way portal, leaving just Trent and Jescha at the portal, with Pall Mall and his minions in the brawl.

Pall Mall was getting physically pummeled, but he used that distraction to order Brigid to grab Sonja and escape. They did so, meeting with Trent and Jescha up top. Trent tried to get them to escape with them to safety, but they would not leave Pall Mall behind. Trent convinced them to go back down and rescue their “boss.” They did so and bought Pall Mall enough time to use a scroll of Teleport: Superior to teleport himself, the two Valkyries, and Sonja’s sword which he happened to see laying on the floor. He had them all re-appear at the “fallback point” the group had decided on before entering New Calgary: the ruins outside of town, where The Deacon had left them.

Trent and Jescha entered the Dimensional space with the others and closed the portal, isolating them from whatever was building and about to release in New Calgary. They all discussed different options and decided to go back to the “fallback point,” hoping that Pall Mall would meet them there. Trent opened a portal and they all went through, becoming witness to an unexpectedly grisly scene within the ruins. Pall Mall, bruised and battered, stood near the remains of the Blood4Valkyrie Brigid, who had been cleaved neatly in two and lay on the ground in a pool of her own blood. Most shocking though was a fuzzy, hazy item stuck in the ground nearby – Trent recognized this as the item he witnessed Baaz take back at the Xiticix hive. Without a moments hesitation Trent activated his talisman of Retro-Viewing, and witnessed for himself the events that occurred in the few minutes since he had last seen Pall Mall.

Pall Mall informed everyone that Baaz had pretended to be Sonja and attacked them once they arrived, killing Brigid. Baaz then left the item behind, saying it caused him too much trouble, and disappeared. Pall Mall tried to convince one of the others to pick up the weapon. Trent, having finished witnessing the events of the last few minutes, stopped them and instead used telekinesis to lift the weapon into a dimensional pocket for safe-keeping, until it could be returned to its rightful owner.

Before James had fled into Trent’s dimensional space he had used Apple’s psionic abilities to confirm that Athena was still alive! Now that they were all together, James was adamant that he needed to go back to the Deevil portal and help her. McGreggor and Steve both agreed to help him. Pall Mall knew that Sonja was still alive back at the wreckage of Dakkon Blackblade’s office, and his goal was to go get her. Trent re-opened his portal to let everyone back into his dimensional space, so he could transport them to where they needed to go. While in there, Jescha reminded Trent that they should check on their mutual friends in the Enclave, due to the recent events which had transpired in New Calgary.

Eager to have everyone leave so Trent could be about his own business, he armed James with a techno-wizard shield he had been holding on to and gave the Chrysteel swords he picked up from the blacksmith’s to Steve. Those three were then sent on their way. Pall Mall took the opportunity to have Trent investigate a tattered cloak which contained a dimensional pocket. Trent pulled everything out of it for Pall Mall. Pall Mall was insistent that Trent turn over the items back to him, which Trent did on the condition that Pall Mall would finally leave, which he did. Trent then went to visit his and Jescha’s friends in the Enclave.

Pall Mall called Blood Stone to him and re-entered the battle-ravaged office remains. James, Steve and McGreggor entered what was now a massive Deevil and Demon battlefield, and fought their way to where Athena had been fighting. Once there they discovered her limp body laying on the ground, next to the body of Solomon Kane. Both bodies were picked up and they left, travelling back to the “fallback point” as quickly as they could through the raging battle. Pall Mall managed to get through to Sonja and found out that Dakkon Blackblade was in on the whole Deevil invasion plot! Blackblade knew all about the impending invasion and had intended to let it happen, so that he could have his minions repel it, making him the savior of the city and impress Lord Modius. Pall Mall was ready to leave now, except that he had lost control of Blood Stone for some reason. It took him several tries but he finally regained control, and they managed to escape.

At the Enclave, Trent caught up the others on what was going on and how he was involved. He dispelled their shock and disbelief by creating a portal to New Calgary, showing them firsthand the devistation. It was at this point he finally noticed the Calgary Rift was gone! He used his Retro-Viewing magic to watch what occurred in the moments after they all escaped into his dimensional space. He witnessed Athena get struck down and possibly killed by someone or something wielding a familiarly-blurred weapon. Then he noticed the ley-lines get swallowed up into the rift, followed by the rift collapsing in on itself before finally exploding, leveling the rest of the city in a way even McGreggor’s nuclear explosives could not. The Enclave then revealed to Trent some secrets from his past they had just been made aware of, received from a mysterious party. Between the events of the day and this news, the Enclave decided to relocate and cut ties temporarily with Trent. He didn’t blame them but made sure they had a way to contact him. He bit them farewell and opened a portal back to the “fallback point.”

Trent arrived shortly after Pall Mall, James, McGreggor and Steve arrived. Standing in front of them was an assemblage of the gods, with major players and representatives from all the major pantheons. They addressed the group, spilling the beans about the Codex of Souls, its prediction for the newly-started Minion War to end all of existence, and Greatest Rune Weapons which they had been charged to safeguard but were now lost – the gods said they wouldn’t even take the weapons back now, even if they were found, as they felt the weapons were no longer safe with them. They told the group about the wars being fought back in their own dimensions: All the pretender and false gods were assaulting their home worlds in a bloody battle that nobody was winning and had severely weakened all the gods. A moment of silence was held for Athena, the fallen goddess, who had toiled for over a month to prevent the start of the Minion War before being killed. Before the gods left they answered a couple questions but were able to give very little advice. As they faded out, back to their own dimensions, they resolved to leave the fate of the multiverse in the hands of beings other than themselves.


The Calgary Rift is no more!!??! Wow! McGreggor should be awarded medals! Trent has everyone locked up in a blood debt at this point as well.
Poor Athena- we weep for thee!

New Calgary - The End

Incidentally, the Calgary Rift “is NOT no more”…wait. The Calgary Rift “is more.” Hmm…regardless. The thermonuclear device made the area a crater inhospitable to human and organic life from the blast radius and excessive radiation. Demons, however, are mostly innately impervious to fire / impervious to energy. Also, the bomb was thrown through a Mystic Portal and right into an extensive network of sewers / subway systems with ten feet or more of concrete and rebar (most of which was vaporized and atomized) to semi-contain the blast. What is most interesting is how the actual events occurred compared to the accounts of the eye-witnesses.

The Calgary Rift…ah! Poor Athena! We knew her well!

New Calgary - The End

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