Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

The Calm Before the Calgary Storm

Trent, The Deacon and James continued to head west, on the trail of Solomon Kane. Pall Mall contacted them to discover their wherabouts and joined with them, bringing along Sonja, a Valkyre servant with him. After Pall Mall was caught up on their current goals, he opened up another communications rift in order to contact Solomon Kane. That conversation was brief, but confirmed Solomon’s intent to fight against Baaz and as long as the group didn’t interfere with his goals, he would not stop them from helping him, though he recommended against it.

With everyone together the group began pushing their travel animals to their limits, and were finally closing the distance between themselves and Solomon Kane. A night-time encounter with a group of Mountain Men, however, and the group slowed down so Trent could create dimensional rooms for them to safely sleep in at night, and recover from the effort. This slowed down their progress and they stopped gaining on Solomon.

After a few more days of travel and some random encounters, the group made it into a mysteriously foggy region. Trent could suddenly sense the infamous Calgary Rift, 20 miles away due West. Pall Mall used a Locate spell to discover that Solomon Kane was currently in the middle of Calgary.

They all pooled their meager knowledge of Calgary and demons and tried to formulate a strategy for getting in there and out again safely. They also debated whether or not they really would go there, and while The Deacon was honest about his intentions everyone else kept their true reasons close to the vest. But all determined they needed to go.

They started their planning by searching the pre-rifts ruins they found themselves in for the remains of a building which might have contained underground maps of the area and its surroundings. Luck was with them and they found some old laminated maps, buried in what was presumably a town hall once upon a time.

They debated more strategy, and were strongly leaning toward pretending that The Deacon and James were slaves while Pall Mall (in his true form), Trent (metamorphed with the Child Amulet) and the Valkyrie (metamorphed with the Mother Amulet) led them in. The discussion went on for a while, and The Deacon became more and more antsy to proceed.



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