Arcadia "Cady" Tybus

Elf Mage, Daughter to a Minor Tolkeen Noble Refugee in Lazlo


TRUE NAME: Arcadia Ariel Tybus
O.C.C.: Hybrid Shifter/Lord Magus
R.C.C.: Elf
ALIGNMENT: Principled
LEVEL: Unknown
HEIGHT: 5’ 10”
WEIGHT: 129 lbs
AGE: 36 (looks 18)
GENDER: Female
BIRTH ORDER: Only child

DISPOSITION: Typical teenager, thinks she will change the world with her ideals. Generally optimistic and cheerful, but sullen and moody when upset.


IQ: 14
ME: 15
MA: 16 (40% chance Charm/Impress)
PS: 10
PP: 17 (+ 1 strike/parry/dodge)
PE: 14
PB: 17 (35% Trust/Intimidate)
SPD: 13

S.D.C.: 34 + Skills
H.P.: 17 + 1D6/level

P.P.E: 25 + 2D6×10 + 40 + P.E. + 3D6/level
I.S.P: 0

O.C.C. Special Abilities:

Initial Spell Knowledge: All Shifter starting spells, and all Illusion spells.

Dimension Sense: Same as Shifter

Dimensional Travel: Same as Shifter

Communications Rift: Same as Shifter

Dimensional Teleport Home: Same as Shifter

Sense Rifts: Same as Shifter

Familiar Link: Same as Shifter

Summoning: Same as Shifter

One with magic: Same as Lord Magus. Under her mother’s tutelage Arcadia has developed an in depth and extensive understanding of the principles of magic and spell casting, and is “one with magic” in a much more significant way than any other practitioner of magic.
Progression of Abilities as a Creature of Magic:
1st: Become invisible at will.
2nd: Regenerates 2D6 Hit Points/S.D.C. per minute.
3rd: Double the range of spells!
4th: increase P.P.E. base by 6D6 + 20 points.
5th Impervious to possession.
6th: Ages one year for every five.
7th: Magic heat and fire does half damage.
8th: Becomes a minor mega-damage creature: Hit Points and S.D.C. convert to M.D.C.
9th: Magic cold does half damage.
10th: One additional spell attack per melee round!
11th: See the invisible, including spirits and Astral beings.
12th: + 1 to spell strength.
13th: P.S. becomes supernatural.
14th: Impervious to illusions.
15th: Double the duration of all spells!

Flaws and Vulnerabilities of being a Creature of Magic:
Arcadia loses a bit of “humanity” per every new level of experience. Over time she may tend to he cool, aloof and uncaring about ordinary people and their affairs. This is not arrogance, but feeling removed, different, alien. Thus the distance between them causes the Lord Magus to lose sight of her origins and to be uninterested in, and often indifferent about, ordinary people, events and things. This also means they sometimes forget how physically and mentally fragile humans are, and tend to underestimate mortal opponents, including other sorcerers.

Once they become M.D.C. beings silver and 90% pure iron weapons inflict their S.D.C. equivalent damage in M.D.C.; i.e. a silver dagger that normally does 1D6 S.D.C. does 1D6 M.D. to this character.
Rune weapons and holy weapons do double damage.
Suffers double damage from Ley Line Storms.




Arcadia “Cady” Tybus is an Elf “teenager” who has just reached the age of majority (being considered legally an “Adult” in Lazlo). The daughter of Orwell and Kiriya Tybus, ‘Cady was born in Tolkeen and trained in magic under the tutelage of both her parents. The Tolkeen-Coalition war forced her and her mother to leave Tolkeen and settle in Lazlo. Even though they haven’t heard from ’Cady’s father since shortly before the war ended, ‘Cady hasn’t given up hope that somewhere, somehow, her father is still alive.

Like a typical teenager, ‘Cady doesn’t “get” her mother, and feels that her mother doesn’t “get” her. The two clash often. Her mother planned a party for ’Cady’s coming of age celebration but turned it into one of her famous grand gala’s, completely ignoring every request or suggestion ’Cady had. The party turned out better than ’Cady had hoped and looks forward to crossing paths with the mage she met there in the future.

‘Cady is well-known in Lazlo as an activist for D-Bee rights, civil liberties, and the progressive movement. Her mother would rather play the subtle side of politics but ’Cady gets right out there on the front lines, shouting to make sure she’s heard.

Arcadia "Cady" Tybus

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