Celeste "Charade" St. Dismas

The greatest thief in the Megaverse™


The Pandemonium who calls itself Celeste “Charade” St. Dismas is the greatest thief in the Megaverse™. Everything which follows is pure conjecture, based on typical Pandemonium Deevils:

Size: 10-12 feet tall, and weighs around 400 pounds, but they can reduce themselves to half that size to better fit into the world of mortals.

Horror Factor: 14, when it is apparent who or what the person is.

Life Span: Effectively immortal.

Known Natural Abilities: Nightvision 120 feet (36.6 m), see the invisible, tum invisible at will, dimensional teleport 74% +2% per level of experience, impervious to poison, impervious to normal fire and cold (magic fire and cold does half damage), bio-regeneration 3D6 M.D.C. once per melee round, and magically knows all languages at 96%.

  • Metamorphosis: Human at Will (special): Each Pandemonium can transform into an attractive male or beautiful female mortal. They have no natural gender themselves and slip into the male or female role with equal ease and confidence. However, unlike other Deevils who can assume the appearance of any humanoid race, the Pandemonium may only take the form of humans and other human-like beings, such as Elves. They are always attractive, alluring and sensual to the opposite sex, and know how to use their beauty and sexuality to get whatever they want. The transformation can be maintained as long as desired, without limit, though most only maintain the facade as long as it is necessary to achieve what Lord Sahtalus has asked of them.
  • Gaze of Mesmerism (Special): All victims of the gaze from the Pandemonium lose their sense of reality as their world melts away, to be replaced by a twisted, terror-filled hell. Once in the gaze, victims do not recognize friend or foe, and often fall to the ground sobbing or racked in fear (01-50% chance). The Pandemonium can manipulate specific images for each victim, inflicting more and more horrors as they get closer and closer to the victim’s worst personal fears and anxieties. Saving Throw: 14 or higher vs magic. Penalties: Victims who fail to save are -6 on initiative, all combat bonuses and attacks per melee are reduced by half and all skills are -60%! The mental nightmare lasts until the Pandemonium releases the victim, or until five minutes after the Pandemonium leaves the area. Furthermore, any outside person who touches or tries to communicate with the mesmerized victim will be perceived as an enemy or monster that fits with the nightmare imaginings and he will respond accordingly (scream, flee, attack, etc.). Possible Insanity: Roll to save vs insanity (12 or higher is needed to save) after each nightmare experience that lasts longer than 20 minutes. A failed roll means a permanent insanity; roll on the Random Insanity Table found in Rifts® Ultimate Edition.

Vulnerabilities: Holy weapons, and weapons made from the Millennium Tree do triple damage! Magic weapons and spells do full damage. Arrogant and overconfident.

Magic: Yes.

Psionics: Yes.

Habitat: Indigenous to Dyval but are typically found outside of Hell among mortal men and women across the Megaverse on scores of worlds.


Pandemoniums are an incredibly rare breed of Deevil said to be archaic and older than the Ice Wraiths. Perhaps as few as 1000 exist in all the Megaverse, though no one knows for certain. A Greater Deevil, they are also sometimes known as the Wretched Lover and They Who Hide Among Men.

These Deevils appear as attractive humans or humanoids such as Elves, usually the opposite sex of whoever might be their next target or intended victim. Very often the Pandemoniums become invaluable to their mortal consorts, not only because of their gorgeous appearance, sexuality’ affection, and advice, but because they are the only ones who can soothe their lovers’ nightmares (nightmares, of course, inflicted by the Pandemonium).

A Pandemonium usually looks human, soft, pretty and nonthreatening. An attractive exterior that conceals the monster hiding within. Behind that lovely facade is a scheming pretender who takes sadistic delight in leading love struck and lustful fools to their destruction. As good as the Devilkin, Fiend, and Arch Fiend are at manipulating others, none are as insidious as a Pandemonium. The creature knows how to play the sweet, conniving manipulator better than anyone. They are masters in the art of wrapping the opposite sex around their little finger to get them to do anything they want, rewarding them with sex and tormenting them with insecurity, nitpicking and acts of mental and emotional cruelty behind closed doors and in public. Most Pandemoniums can make the target of their affection feel as tall as a mountain or small as a fly speck with equal ease. So it is, that they are able to influence the hearts and minds of powerful men and women, establish unholy alliances, start wars, tear down nations and build new empires – all with a smile, soft whisper and the tug of their finger at the right moment.

Allies and Alliances: Tends to operate alone or in pairs, but gets along well with Arch Fiends, Fiends, Deevils, Devilkins, Deevil Dragons, Imps, Nexus Deevils, Beasts and Serpents. The rest are tolerated, but generally regarded as brutish warrior types. The Host are seen as useful if savage servants, and humans as playthings, fools, and pawns to be used and abused. As Greater Deevils, Pandemoniums sometimes lead other Deevils, but they avoid it whenever they can.

Rivals and Enemies: Among their own kind, none really, because they are usually independent operators who answer directly to the Supreme Lord of Dyval, Sahtalus. Generally, Pandemoniums think they are betlter than all otht:r Deevils, and especially dislike having to follow the orders of Beasts, Horrors and Dragon Deevils. Mortals are to be used and abused. They may also ally themselves with other powerful, dark forces, the more powerful the better. And while one may seem subservient and loyal to another person, it is a trick. They are only loyal to Lord Sahtalus and themselves. Among demonkind, Pandemoniums are most enthralled with tearing down and getting the best of the Succubus and Incubus, Baal Rags, Jinn, Night Owls, and Raksashas.

Celeste "Charade" St. Dismas

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