Diminutive Bubble Fuzz

Hephaestus Greater Cyclops


7th level Hephaestus Rune Master
Cyclops odyssey
IQ: 19
ME: 14
MA: 14
PS: 35
PP: 17
PE: 18
PB: 6
SPD: 8
MDC: 1300
HF: 11
14’ tall
800 lbs
PPE: 300

Natural Abilities:
Nightvision 60 feet (18.3 m; can see in total darkness),
impervious to lightning and electricity (no damage), resistant
to other forms of energy (does half damage), bio-regenerate 1D6 x 10
M.D.C. per 24 hours.

Skills of Note:
Speak Troll/Giant, Dragonese/Elf and Ancient Greek
98%. Sixty percent will also be literate in Greek and Dragonese/Elf.
All are excellent archers and javelin throwers (W.P. archery &

Hephaestus Rune Matser


Diminutive Bubble Fuzz

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