Erin Tarn

Famed Rifts Historian and Author, Coalition Public Enemy #1


True Name: Erin Tarn
Family Note: The oldest of seven daughters.
Alignment: Scrupulous
Attributes: I.Q.: 19, M.E.: 24, M.A.: 23, P.S.: 12, P.P.: 10, P.E.: 22, P.B.: 14, Spd.: 13 (it used to be 15, but she’s slowing down a tad).
Hit Points: 70; S.D.C.: 25
M.D.C.: Since her return from England and Africa, she wears a Millennium Tree leaf poncho with 60 M.D.C. or some other light type of adventurer armor (typically with 40-60 M.D.C.).
P.P.E.: 17
O.C.C.: Rogue Scholar with an emphasis on history and anthropology.
Level of Experience: Fourteenth

Natural Abilities: A natural leader, high intelligence, a curious mind, strong will and pleasant personality.

Psionic Powers: None.

Magic Knowledge: Erin Tarn cannot cast spells, however, she has a reasonable understanding about the fundamentals of how magic, spells, ley lines, and magic pyramids work. She can also read and use magic scrolls (provided they are written in a language she can read)!

Combat abilities: Hand to hand basic (9th level proficiency).

Combat/Attacks Per Melee Round: Four

Bonuses: + 1 to strike, + 2 to parry, + 2 to dodge, + 2 to roll/pull punch, + 2 to S.D.C. damage, critical strike on unmodified 19 or 20, and judo style body throw/flip (1D6 damage and victim loses initiative and one melee attack). + 5 save vs psionics and horror factor, + 7 to save vs magic, + 12 to save vs magic sickness, + 6 to save vs poison and drugs, + 6 to save vs disease, + 23% to save vs coma/death, and has an 80% ability to evoke trust or intimidation.

Skills of Note (includes I.Q bonus of + 5%): Cook, preserve food, basic math, computer operation, radio: basic, anthropology, archaeology, demon & monster lore, magic lore, land navigation, wilderness survival, first aid, swimming, S.C.U.B.A., climbing, running, horsemanship, pilot sailboats, pilot automobile, pilot hovercraft, and pilot hovercycle, all at 98%! Erin can read and write American, Spanish, Euro, and Dragonese at 98% and speaks Gobblely at 85%. She also has W.P. knife and W.P. energy pistol at 14th level proficiency. Other skills include streetwise 72%, forgery 90%, palming 55%, prowl 60%, read sensory equipment 90%, T.V./video 42%, and intelligence 89%.

Appearance: A healthy human woman who looks to be in her fifties.

Special vehicles: A bionic horse, compliments of the King of England.

Equipment of Note: Articles of clothing and numerous items for carrying things, including a backpack, large satchel, small purse, utility belt with eight compartments/pouches, three medium sized sacks, hooded cloak with many pockets inside, and an extra set of travelling clothes, a pair of sandals, pair of boots, pair of walking shoes, sunglasses, leather gloves, six pairs of surgical gloves (for collecting and examining specimens and alien stuff), two air filters, and one environmental helmet with gas mask.

Hardware includes: a portable language translator, pocket mirror, small camera with 30 disks of film (36 exposures each), sewing kit, magnifying glass, pocket flashlight, box of matches, a lighter, a pair of handcuffs, 100 feet (30.5 m) of string, ten feet (3 m) of nylon cord, two spikes, first-aid kit with a half dozen RMK and IRMSS medical nano-bots, tube of protein healing salve, FDD pocket digital disc audio player and recorder (with 30 one inch discs), portable pocket computer (with 24 one inch discs), a pair of hand-held communicators, infrared distancing binoculars, multi-optics band, pad of paper and a dozen markers.

Weapons: Silver cross, large survival knife (1D6 damage), tiny pocket knife (1 point of damage as a weapon), Wilk’s laser wand, Wilk’s laser scalpel, Wilk’s 320 laser pistol (1D6 M.D.; 20 shots), squirt gun (for fighting vampires) and six flares.
Body Armor: Millennium Tree leaf (60 M.D.C.) or Urban Warrior environmental body armor (50 M.D.C.), or similar light armor.

Special Weapons & Magic Items:
1. Millennium Tree leaf armor: 60 M.D.C.; two were given to Erin by King Arr’thuu, only one is left intact.
2. Millennium Tree wand of life with five buds. The wand was a gift from a Millennium Tree during her visit to England. The powers of the Wand include:

  • Superior healing, restoring 5D6 five times a day.
  • Casts a total of five spells per 24 hour period. Spells available are negate poison, cure minor disorders, cure illness, purification of food and water, and water to wine. All are 7th level in strength and can be cast in any combination.
  • The wand also gives her bonuses ( + 2) to save vs poisons, drugs, disease and coma (already added to Tarn’s bonuses).

3. Magic Amulet: This necklace was given to Erin by Plato 34 years ago and has served her well. It provides her with protection against sickness (+6 to save vs magic sicknesses, including magic and supernatural types) and protection against the undead, including vampires, zombies, and mummies.

Cybernetics: Clock calendar, gyro-compass, and a universal headjack and ear implant. She also has two bio-system fingers on her left hand and a bio-system spleen (lost during her years of adventure).

Money: She rarely has more than 3D6xlOOO credits and an additional 3D4xlOOO in gems or precious metals. She spends much of her money helping the needy and on books and ancient artifacts for her collection. Her collection of pre-Rifts artifacts, predominantly books, recordings of all kinds, and artwork, is worth at least 150 million credits and is kept in her home at Lazlo.

Alliances & Allies: Erin Tarn is one of the most famous figures of Rifts Earth. Her name is known in almost every corner of the world and even in some other dimensions. She is most renowned and revered by people of learning, but even the illiterate have heard stories about her, her travels, adventures, chronicles of history and commentaries on the people and place of the times. She has won many friends and allies. Some of the more notable include Plato and the people of Lazlo and New Lazlo, Lord Coake and his legion of cyberknights, the powers at Tolkeen, King Arr’thuu, the Nog Henge Druids, Lo Fung, Victor Lazlo, a Demigod named James, and many others. She is especially appreciated by D-bees, mutants and practitioners of magic whom she has defended many times and because of her teachings regarding education, freedom, justice, and equality for all life forms, human and nonhuman alike. This has also won her the animosity of the Coalitions States, the Federation of Magic, Blood Druids, Mrr’Lyn and other despotic rulers, dictators, monsters and criminals. Even the New German Republic has some concerns about Erin Tarn, partly because her books are so popular among their citizens and because the CS has branded her a dangerous subversive and criminal.


Enemy Number One of the Coalition States is the the unlikely figure of the historian and outspoken champion of civil rights and freedom, Erin Tarn. She has been a thorn in the side of the Coalition States for forty years, but it has been in the last twenty that the famous rogue scholar has achieved legendary and heroic status. She is the most famous personality in North America and is more famous (and beloved) than Emperor Prosek. A recent (secret) survey conducted by the CS propaganda machine headed by Joseph Prosek II, showed that within the Coalition States 96.5% of all CS citizens knew about Erin Tarn and her writings, although only 3% admitted to having personally seen one of her books. In reality, an estimated 69% of the educated elite are believed to have read one or more of Miss Tarn’s books, and an estimated 23% of the uneducated masses cloistered away in the fortified Coalition cities are believed to have read or heard excerpts from her books. Double or triple that number in the Burbs and outlying territories where Erin’s accounts of history and her journeys are read aloud to the illiterate masses and taught by rogue scholars and scientists throughout the continent.

By contrast, 100% of all Coalition citizens know of and recognize Emperor Karl Prosek, 88% knew about Joseph, 87% of General Cabot, and 81% the legendary Joseph Prosek the First, founder of the Coalition States. In the Burbs, 98.6% knew of Erin Tarn, 92% in wilderness communities around the States and 67% in the farthest reaches of North America. She is even known by the Splugorth of Atlantis and 61% of their minions. Erin Tarn’s name and literary works are also known to many people in Europe and by many educated men, women and D-bees throughout the world. Erin Tarn’s name and courage are even known to individuals scattered throughout the Megaverse, including True Atlanteans and people on Wormwood and Phase World!

Her candid accounts telling the “true” history of the World (which conflicts dramatically with parts of the Coalition’s version of history) and diaries telling of her adventures and observations about the world and the people in it (a combination travel log, geographic journal, political commentary and adventure story) are available on paper and computer disks, as well as on video and audio cassettes and disks. Her works are renowned in most free-thinking and liberal kingdoms of North America, like Lazlo, Tolkeen, and Ishpeming, as well as D-bee communities and even among the citizens (rich and poor) of the Coalition States. These books, particularly those that focus on the pre-Rifts American and Canadian Empires and Erin Tarn’s political observations and commentaries on Emperor Prosek, young Joseph Prosek II, the Coalition’s reprehensible policies of fascism, racism, genocide, rewriting of history, and its attempt to keep its people ignorant/illiterate, have branded Erin as public Enemy Number One for the last several years (and earned her a place on the top 20 list for the last 32 years).

Periodically, Coalition spies, agents and bounty hunters have tried to capture Erin to bring her to justice, but she has managed to evade or escape all such attempts. She’s been captured and rescued or escaped 11 times. On three occasions, her captors found her so charming that they released her on their own. Even among many of the citizens of the Coalition States, she is revered as the matriarch of history and truth, and regarded with compassion and favor.

The famous historian and adventurer embodies everything one would expect from a legendary figure. She is intelligent, inquisitive, observant, quick thinking, resourceful, modest, gentle, compassionate, selfless, and always concerned about others. She is a dynamic and strong-willed woman driven by an insatiable curiosity and indomitable lust for life. Although Erin would argue otherwise, she is one of the greatest heroes of the age.

In an earlier time, Erin was a slender beauty with long, flowing hair. Many of her readers have a romantic image of her based on her books, writings, and stories about her (many entirely fictional; created by well intentioned fans and circulated through the rumor mill). The fact that she has never allowed her photograph to be printed in any of her books, only adds to her mystique. Some photos and artists’ portraits of a young Erin Tarn have seen print in unauthorized editions. As a result, most people think of her as a much younger, athletic looking woman. They are surprised, then, when they first meet the present day Erin who appears to be in her late fifties, but is really around 71 years old (by the year 110 P.A.). Her short, silver hair, gentle round face, warm eyes and sparkling smile gives her the appearance of being somebody’s kindly mother or grandmother. Note: Only in the New German Republic is a romanticized, Hollywood-style portrayal of a young Erin Tarn in her late twenties found everywhere: on books, posters, billboards, videos, and computer generated films (both fictional adventure movies and educational films). The German people are crazy about this American antihero!

Erin finds great amusement in people’s reactions to her appearance. Inevitably, somebody will remark something like, “Please don’t take this wrong, Miss Tarn, but … you don’t look anything like what I imagined.” Or, “… you just don’t look like a philosopher or adventurer.” At which point she’ll flash that disarming smile and ask, “Oh? And what does a philosopher or adventurer look like, dear?” A question most cannot seem to answer.

These preconceived notions about her and her appearance enables Erin to travel the countryside unrecognized and evade Coalition agents. She’s had many brushes with CS soldiers and citizens without incident (they never suspected her true identity).On two occasions, well-meaning Dead Boys protected her from a monstrous threat and sent her on her way.

Erin has always thought of herself as common in appearance and has never considered herself a philosopher or political activist, although she is renowned as one. An adventurer? Yes, in the sense that she loves to explore the world around her and all the marvels it contains, especially its people.

Although Erin can be soft spoken and motherly, she is a resourceful, brave, charismatic, and natural leader. Not only is she willing to stand up for what she believes in, but time and time again she has stepped forward to speak the truth when no others could find the courage to do so. Her honest, no nonsense, often uncompromising words have made this gentle woman the enemy of such world powers as the Coalitions States, Emperor Prosek, and Mrr’lyn of England, among others. She has been a source of inspiration to millions — she is the “every” woman who transcends racial, social, political, and economic boundaries. She has touched people in all walks of life, human and inhuman, wealthy and poor, king and peasant.

Over the years, Erin has earned the admiration, love and friendship of some very powerful people. Among them, Lord Coake (founder of the Cyber-Knights), Plato (leader of Lazlo), and most of the members on the Lazlo Counsel of Learning. Her companion, friend and protector for the last several years has been a noble Cyber-Knight named Sir Winslow Thorpe. He has sworn never to leave Erin’s side except in death, or until she retires and settles down in one place. She finds Sir Thorpe’s devotion both touching and troublesome. She fears that she is taking him away from greater adventure (not likely) and a more fulfilling life. She has tried to convince him that she can take care of herself, but Thorpe will not hear of it. The fact that he has protected her from many potential dangers and has saved her life on three occasions tends to refute her claims to the contrary. On the other hand, she has come to his aid nearly as often and saved his life once. Sir Thorpe values her life more than his own or any other and will not abandon her for any reason.

Erin Tarn

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