Gimbly - Asgardian Dwarf Rune Master


IQ: 12
ME: 14
MA: 11
PS: 15 (S)
PP: 15
PE: 13
PB: 9
SPD: 9
MDC: 73
HF: 10

Nightvision 90 ft (27.4 m; can see in total darkness)
and impervious to cold. Natural aptitude for weapon design,
mechanics and manufacturing, providing a bonus of +10% to all
mechanical, military, electrical and computer skills.

Skills of Note:
Know the Dwarven languages, Dragonese/Elven and
Old Norse, all at 98%

Rune Smith O.C.C.:
75% of the Asgardian dwarves are masters
of rune magic. This means they can (with the assistance of others)
create rune weapons and devices! However, the creation of rune
weapons takes months, often years, requires exotic components,
incredible amounts of P.P.E., and the sacrifice of a living essence
— usually a powerful hero, demon, elemental, creature of magic,
godling or god.

As an adventurer, the rune smith’s knowledge and ability to make
rune weapons is of little practical use. However, he can identify/recognize
authentic rune weapons, tell the level of its power (lesser,
greater, greatest), and tell the alignment of the weapon. He/she can
also read runes and magic symbols. The dwarf also understands
bio-wizardry and the dangers and uses of symbiotic organisms. All
rune smiths must be anarchist or evil and will have one lesser and
one greater rune weapon of their own. Note: Rune Smiths are not
usually spell casters of any kind (line walkers and shifters assist
them in their grim work).

APM: 4
+ 6 to save vs horror

Greatest Rune Hammer: Hammer of the Forge ( see items )
Lesser Rune Anvil: Bigface the Anvil ( see items )


Gimbly - Asgardian Dwarf Rune Master

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