Helldamn Spellshroud

Alternate Pall Mall Personality


H dmain

IQ: 23
ME: 19
MA: 18
PS: 41
PP: 17
PE: 23
PB: 9
SPD: 29
MDC: 163
HF: 14
PPE: 217
ISP: 17

Superior vision, like a hawk (able to see a one foot
target up to 2 miles/3.2 km away), nightvision 600 ft (183 m; can see
in total darkness), the top, third eye can see the invisible and in one
sixth the light needed by humans. Hates the cold, but functions in cold
climes; prefers extreme heat. Magically understands and speaks all
languages. Regenerate 1d6x10 per day and can regrow lost limbs, Recognize, read and understand magic wards, words, and symbols at 70%

APM: 10
I: +7
S: +6
P: +10
D: +9
Pull: +15
Roll: +14
HF: +14
Mag: +7
Psi: +4
Mind control: +1
Possession: +4
Damage: +4
Entangle: +2
Insanity: +2
Coma/Death: +36%
Vs Poison: +2
Disarm: +2

KO on *17-20 ( HTH martial Arts )
Restrained: 1d6x10 sdc
Full: 6d6
Power: 2d4x10

Skills +8%:
Quick Draw: Swords/Paired Swords ( +9 Initiative )
Quick Draw: Magic Energy Blast ( +7 Initiative )
Paired Weapons
WP: Sharpshooting: Magic Energy
WP: Sharpshooting: Archery
Pilot: Automaton
Lore: Demon monsters: +20%
Literacy: American: +20%
Math: Basic: +20%
Intelligence:: +15%
Tracking: People: +20%
Land Navigation: +15%
Horsemanship: General: +10%
Wilderness Survival
Trap/Mine Detection
Forced March
WP: Sword
WP: Targeting
WP: Archery
WP: Whip
WP: Energy Pistol
WP: Heavy MD Weapons
WS: Paired Bastard Swords
WM: Paired Bastard Swords
WS: Short Bow
WM: Short Bow
WM: Short Bow – Bulls Eye Shot
WS: Bastard Sword
Spell Focus: Might
Spell Focus: Burst Casting

Secondary Skills:
Kick Boxing
Body Building
Radio Basic


Orphaned at birth, Helldamn Spellshroud never knew his true family. Instead he was passed around his Sowki clan and was tought the basics of being a creature of magic versed in Illusionary manipulation and the basic studies of magic. The clan, however, never really took to him and every year or two he would be pawned off on to the next family. His name at that time was a traditional Sowki moniker – Richard Benson of the Morris Clan. Morris was the name of an ancient Sowki character of Myth who was orphaned by his Splugorth masters and represents the last name of any bastard in Sowki circles everywhere.

During his youth, Benson of the Morris Clan, was quite popular because of his charismatic personality. It was almost like, in another life, he was a master manipulator. It was the strangest thing as he would simply say to the prettiest young thing in the room,

“Sure thing my sweet – you can trust me”

Somehow the prey would almost magically be in his arms and enthralled with his fantastically toothed maw. When his query was human or D-Bee, he would make sure to use his heretical knowledge of illusions to make himself look appealing to the young lady. Likewise his male counterparts took to him with an amount of trust and even admiration. Benson was a protector and a gentleman to all he met. Thusly he fit in with few of his kind as most Sowki tend to have a more selfish way about them.

Striking out on his own at an early age, Benson procured an interest in mystic study but also decided to live a mostly normal life. He held his friends as family and respected them to the utmost, joining them in many debates about life, activities like rock climbing and athletics and of course the ever popular college drinking sessions, of which his endurance always made him the babysitter at the end of the evening.

Of course someone so honorable and admirable would attract the attentions of beautiful young females and Benson of the House Morris married a human woman at the young age of 20. They had met on the Campus Of The Divine in Dweomer City, where they were both studying the ways of divine magic. She was beautiful and on a scale of one to 10 she rated about a 21. Studying together in the Great Circles of the school, they came to know each other and eventually she even fond him attractive and kissable – as long as he agreed to meta morph some lips for her to kiss.

Andrina loved him very much and accepted him completely. She would cast cleanse on his clothes every morning and ignite fire in the cold evenings of the Midwest. The sorceress was keen to study herb magics and focused her energy on healing and over all well being. She was well liked in her classes and she and Benson could be seen as almost inseparable around the campus. Graduation day came and went for Andrina, but Benson was still dragging his feet, not really taking his education seriously and had only completed the requisite principles of magic and advanced meditation courses. He was very content with his life as a part time student part time librarian and was earning a modest income. Besides, he thought, Andrina would be starting her herb shop soon and he would most likely, judging from recent talks and serious love sessions, be in charge of watching the baby during the day.

‘Why not…’ he decided ‘…life is finally giving me something I never had before, a real family of my own…’

The day came when Benson came home from work a bit early. He noticed that the front door to the house where they lived, which was also attached the new Herb Store, was just a bit ajar.

“Andrina??” He called.

He could hear hushed voices in further. He prowled slowly, his heart beating in his ears muting any other sound.

‘What the fuck…who’s in my house?…Andrina…is she ok??’

Slowly he made his way to the kitchen

“Andrina…baby? – you in here?”

At that he peeked around the doorjamb, relieved to see his wife standing there back to him, doing something, but not quite hunched over the counter cooking.

“Benson baby, meet Pall Mall. He stopped by the herb store and I decided to show him around.”

The pregnant woman stepped aside and there, to Benson’s alarm, was a Sowki!! The beast was way to close to his wife and Benson could swear he saw the usurper cancel a meta morph spell on his lips as he greedily licked them and looked up.

“Sup” Nodded Pall Mall, as if they were old friends and it was expected that he would be kissing Bensons wife. “WHAAAT!! What The Fuck ANDY!! Pall Whatever your name is – get the fuck out!!” The usually polite and humble Sowki raised his arms, threatening his kin with a showing of righteous maw and tusk. “Heyy Heyy Man – realx! Relax! Im just interested in what your wife …and you.. have to offer! calm down – im no threat” Pall Mall was staring rather fiercely at Bensen. “………” Benson was mesmerized. “Now..” Pall Mall Stated, Putting on his Jacket and fixing the shirt at the ends, “I was just passing by the addresses of all of my new students. I came to this address by way of student record and was delighted to find an array of hard to find herbs that I have been eagerly yearning for, for some time.

Your wife, rather hospitably if I do say so myself, invited to keep me company whilst I wait for you to return from work. I am pleased that such is the way of the women of this city. Quite hospitable indeed.

I wished to introduce myself and tell you that should there be any need of yours while attending Principles of Magic II, not to hesitate to call on me. I feel you have much potential in you and judging from your last semester, I think we will be seeing a whole new side of you.

Until class.."

Pall Mall walked rather lazily out the door and turned the corner out of site.

“What the fuck was that Andy??”

“I dont know baby! All of a sudden I couldnt resist him! He just said…Sure sweety you can trust me…and bam! next thing I know were making out in the kitchen!”
She sobbed and cried, here all natural maskera getting all over the place.

“I just dont know what happened! PLEASE PLEASE forgive me I love you! I want to have your baby!”

Seeing that she was sincere, Bensen decided to put this issue aside for now. She was very upset and what good would any more stress do now. After all, she was very beautiful and men were always looking at her.He could also see how a line like that could get any female to trust a Sowki. But how the hell did Pall Mall the professor know that she liked the lips thing? That took a long time to get right!

As the semester began, Bensen could still remember vividly the first encounter with his new professor, whom he had two classes with. He found it difficult to concentrate sometimes and when called upon by his professor, would give the briefest of answers. Some time had passed and the memory began to fade. Andrina was massively pregnant now and due in only two months. Benson found human birthing fascinating and he tried very hard to manage his family, school and work. He had many late hours studying ans he had entered into some intense coursework, however and was seeing his wife less and less.

About half way through the semester the assignments really began to pick up and one class in particular was made to divide in to groups. After a late night study / summoning session, Bensen came home looking forward to the warm hearth his only love would have waiting for him.

As he entered the driveway in his temporarily summoned Fury Beetle, Benson noticed that the house was rather dark and empty looking. Investigating further he noticed that, indeed the entire house was empty! Calling out for his wife and getting no response worried the young sowki much and he even called the Dweomer police, who said they could do nothing for 48 hours on a missing person. At that he ran outside scanning each block and yelling her name at the top of his lungs, residents looking at him like he had a second head. After an hour of searching he finally collapsed with worry on the couch, her neatly folded laundry on the table. He began a deep sorrowful moan. He cried until dawn when she still was no where to be found.

Again he tried to enlist the help of the authorities, but again they were uncompliant, stating that their resources were stretched thin because of a new military situation in the region taking up much of their resources. Bensen didn’t know what to do. Days went by.

Suddenly, a knock at his door. It was dawn and Bensen had been passed out from another night of canvassing the area, looking for his lost love. Groggily he answered the door, a haze of alcohol surrounding him, the only way he could sleep these days. He answered the door and before him he couldn’t believe his eyes. Of course. It was Pall Mall.

Explaining that he hadn’t seen him in class for days, Pall was stopping by to check in, seemingly playing the part of the concerned professor. He also stated that his fellow student had seen neither hid nor hair of him. Bensen related the situation to Pall and commanded that unless he was going to help find her, to get lost. at that Pall Mall offered the locate spell to his student.

After several tries, Pall stated that she just was no where to be found and that he would be right there next to Bensen to help him look for her. Pall made concessions to be removed from the class on an emergency. The two began to look in earnest. They looked high, and low, in between things, under things, through things. They looked for clues and they investigated psychically. Most of this of course was Pall Mall sniffing things out – relaying his findings to Bensen. The two were together regularly except in the evening when Pall Stated that he needed to meditate and regain his energies. It had been nearly one month since Andrina had gone missing. If she was still alive, the baby would be coming soon. It was the only thing Bensen could think of. He began praying to every god every night before bed, the rituals taking nearly two hours to complete.

On one particular day Pall Mall did not show up. This struck Bensen as very strange indeed as his teacher was always punctual. The two of them had been sharing much about each other in their month long mission to find Andrina, Pall sharing his approach on magic, and Benson listening to pass the time, which always seemed to pass so slowly. It almost seemed that Bensen had been wrong about Pall in the first place and Benson almost looked to Pall as a father figure or at least could see the potential for brother hood, they both being Sowkis.

Benson began to almost panic as the day wore on and eventually, thinking…What Would Pall Mall Do…he went straight down town to the magic guild. Inside he addressed the old lady behind the counter explaining that he needed her advice and help in finding someone. She explained that she was happy to oblige and that if he signed up now he could get the student discount of 25% off the student rate. Otherwise, she stated, she would have to charge him the non member price for any services rendered. They discussed a bit about what he needed, and came to the solution that a locate scroll might just do the trick. After hearing his story she also said that she would recommend looking for his wife since the duo had not cast Locate in a month, and he didn’t happen to have any piece of pall mall’s personal possessions to make the spell work. Being ever so gracious to her new customer ( and hoping for repeat business ) she offered a 50% discount on a second scroll.

The young Sowki opted for the membership as the price for the two scrolls was two years income from the library. As it stood anyway he only had enough money for a single scroll and after that was completely tapped out to the point where he’d have to be begging for food. So, his membership paid for and scroll in hand he left the Magic Guild in Dweomer and set out for home as the old lady had recommended he use the spell somewhere safe. Arriving home he held hi darling wife’s hair brush and read the scroll aloud – hoping for the best.

It was a strange feeling this kind of magic and he could now see what Pall Mall was talking about. The energy flowed through him completely and the power location was bestowed upon him. A flash – A Flash of some place familiar. The circle they had always practiced in. So nearby? It was Andrina! He could see her! she was in labor! but wit…there was more…a chanting…he knew this chant, or at least most of it. He raced to the door to get his things. He didn’t have time ( or the skill ) to roll lore: magic. He had to save his wife!

He knew right where she was and if he took the old bagel shop back door as a short cut he could be there in only 4 mele’s. So close he thought, why would she be so close and never find her? we looked everywhere Pall and I. He realized that it was dusk, the sun nearly set. He hoped he would be there in time to save her!

A successful perception check allowed him to discover the sound of the chant before he could lay eyes on the scene that presented itself to him. After stumbling rather hastily through one of the gardens bushes he found himself assailed with the smell of a rotten incense ( like leaves burning ), a summoning circle adorned with candles and chanters surrounding the perimeter. One successful Demon & Monster Lore later, they were staggered, one mage, one Chaos Demon, one mage one Chaos Demon. and in the center of all of this Towered a shirtless Pall Mall, standing over his beloved, birthing Andrina. Pall had a rune type dagger in his hand was obviously leading the chant. It was clear what was going to happen. They were all just waiting for his son or daughter to come only to be slaughtered. Something snapped inside and Bensen, for the first time in his life, was seeing red. All of the painful memories from his child hood came back in a flood. The wanton abandonment of his parents. The exile imposed by his Sowki peers. The betrayal pf PALL MALL!!!! that son of a bitch! He lead Benson on to looking for Andrina when he knew damn well where she was the entire time!

One of the Mages had a sword in his belt and Bensen straight away snatched it. Charging for Pall he lept with all his might and, his aim true, Came down hard seemingly on Palls dirty black heart. Bensen’s vengeance was shattered when he realized he had struck some kind of containment field protecting both the mage and Andrina. She looked at Bensen with horror and pain and lashed out.

NOOOOOOO NOOOOO nOOOO!!!! why did you come! I didn’t want you to see me like this!! I love you!! I wanted to keep you safe!!!!”

At that any initiative Bensen had was lost.

Simultaneous attack
multiple image

Bensen was fighting for his life as a number of Pall Mall’s minions not involved in the ritual were lashing out and cutting him down rapidly. As he was trying to stay alive enough to save his wife, Bensen glanced over to his one true love. The one and only family he ever had who was now helpless and shackled, made to do the bidding of an insidious creature, making him ashamed to be called a Sowki. With one last and final scream of pain and agony, Andrina pushed hard and into Pall’s hands was set Bensens offspring. His only son. A boy. A human Sowki Hybrid. The umbilical chord still attached Pall raised the newborn high and finalized the chant, raising the dagger. At that a massive rip in space and time exploded into the circle, brilliantly washing the night with blue flame and crackling mystic energy.

Just then, as Bensen was gasping at the sight of it all – his wife – his son – this portal – Pall Mall – he was assailed by a net seemingly constructed of magic energy. It was impossible to get out of and Bensen went tumbling to the ground. The minions now were stomping him and in between ther boots tot he face he could see the fate of his family unravel before him.

A booming voice was heard.


Chanting the final words, Pall sent the dagger deep into its victim, Simultaneously ripping the infant from its mother in a barbaric and deadly fashion. Andrina took one last look to her child and to her loving, honerable gentleman. In one last bloody gurgle she muttered her last loving word to them both.

“I love you …take care of each other…….”

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Bensen screamed so loudly his soul was nearly released.

At this Pall offered to his god the child with both arms stretched high. A thunderous vibration began and the ground began to tremble. The electric blue of the portal began pulse and crackle in ever more frequent throbs until a deafening thunderclap beckoned Pall Mall to step through and the ritual was over.

Silent now. Nothing but foot falls and stomping turned to a distant thud.

His memories of their time together washed over him.

The nightmare repeated itself over and over in his mind. He prayed for death and that the Sowkis minions would have been merciful and spare him a life without his wife and family.

Bensen would not be so lucky. He awoke to a Dweomer Police man trying to revive him with a bottle of water. Frantic he tried to make it to where Andrina’s body lay. The officer quickly stopped him saying that this was a crime scene and that the body was not to be touched. After a quick scuffle Bensen was subdued and arrested, if only to calm him down and to take his statement.

That evening Bensen was released. Having nothing to his name and seemingly nothing to live for, on his long walk home he made a solemn vow. A vow to recover his only son. A vow to kill anyone in his way. A vow to kill Pall Mall. Just then a flyer collapsed on his leg as it was blowing in the wind.

It read:

Learn the ways of Magic and Combat. Hone your skills and educate yourself. Defend the City you Love. Have a better life for you and your family.

The college of the Magi. Enroll Now for summer semester at your closest Magic Guild* ( * Member ship required)


Helldamn Spellshroud

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