McGreggor Alistersaurus


O.C.C.: Space Fighter Pilot
Alignment: Unprincipled
Level: Five
XP: 20068
Height: 8’6 (Very Tall)
Weight: 440 lbs
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Qua-Trau
Family Origin: Unknown
Disposition: Inquisitive

IQ:9 ME:7 MA:6 PS:33 PP:16 PE:29 PB:4 Spd:28
H.P.: , S.D.C.: , M.D.C.:215 P.P.E.:15 , I.S.P.:0

Known Arsenal:
Great Hammer

Universal Translator

H2H: Kuo-Ch’uan, Robot: Basic

Known Skills:
Jury Rig

Special Abilities:

Known Magical Items:

Background Summary:
[Environment Growing Up] Military
[Initial Reason for Adventuring] Oberve and Report Mission
[Sentiments toward the Coalition] None
[Sentiments toward Non-Humans] None


A runt of his race at 8’ 6", McGreggor was the perfect fit on the constraints of smaller fighter craft. His insatiable curiosity led him to being able to pilot spacecraft, robots, and aircraft. It also however, was no end of grief his superior officers. The Captain, for some reason had taken a liking to young McGreggor much to his lieutenant’s dismay. After an accident in a hanger in which he tried to attach a VTOL jet engine to the back of a suit of power armor, the captain had no choice but to discipline McGreggor. So he decided to send him on a recon mission to a planet called Earth on the fringes of Alterian space which was showing strange, but insignificant long range sensor readings.

McGreggor was outfitted with a long range fighter capable of atmospheric flight and told to observe and report. The captain told him when there was enough information to make an threat assessment, he would be recalled. Shortly after McGreggor left for Earth, the Battle Cruiser and all it’s crew were destroyed in a rebel uprising leaving no survivors and before the captain could submit a mission brief on the new assignment.

Upon arriving in Earth orbit, he was shot down by the defense network. After the crash he worked his way into a mercenary group before being captured by Calgary slavers on a botched mission.

McGreggor Alistersaurus

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