Solomon Kane

A dark figure, attempting to do good...but with only evil power to do so.


Solomon kane drawing

Name: Solomon Kane
O.C.C.: Mystically Bestowed (Armageddon Unlimited p.45)
Alignment: Aberrant
Level/Experience: 12 M.D.C.: 408 P.P.E.: 64 I.S.P.: 23
Height: 6’ 4” (above average)
Weight: 246 lbs (Athletic)
Age: Unknown Gender: Male
Family Origin: Pre-Chaos Earth Native

Disposition: Cold, distant, and brooding. Dark demeanor and a twisted sense of humor. He would rather be left alone with his personal torment and unconscionable burdens.

Attributes: Attribute Bonuses: HTH Combat Bonuses: NONE Saving Throw
IQ: ?
ME: ?
MA: ?
PS: ?
PP: ?
PE: ?
PB: ?
Spd: ?

HORROR FACTOR: 14 (when revealed)

Vulnerabilities: holy weps, silver, demon slay Etc. double damage, demon mark, true name,

Task Master → Master
Demon Physicality
Demon Tough

OCC Skills: %/lvl Other Skills: %/lvl Secondary Skills: %/lvl
Literacy: American 50% 5% Mathematics: Advanced: 50% +5%
Land Navigation 61% +4% Intelligence 47% +4% Running
Wilderness Survival 50% |
5% Find Contraband 33% 4% WP: Automatic Pistol -
Mathematics: Basic 75% |
5% Streetwise 27% 4% Prowl 30% +5%
Hand to Hand: Assassin Boxing Lore: D-Bees +5%
Horsemanship: Exotic 45%/35% +5% Fencing Body Building
Lore: Demons & Monsters 55% +5% Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic 40% +5%
Lore: Dimensions 45% +5% |Acrobatics
Lore: Magic 50%/40%/35% +5%
Language: Dragonese 75% +5% |WP Sword
Language: American 98% WS Katana
Language: Demongogian 75% +5% WM Katana
Literacy: Dragonese 45% +5% Crit on 18

Literacy: Demongogian 64% +5% Deathblow on Nat 20

Special Abilities (Minors / Majors):

Energy Expulsion: Sonic Boom (300ft+100ft/lvl) 6d6MD, 70%1%/lvl knockdown, close-range attack 80%1%/lv For deafening (-4s,p,d)+knockdown (counts as two apm)

Power weapon:+1d6 damage@1,3,5,7,10,12,15 or bolt 100ft/lvl

Extraordinary PS

Extraordinary PP

Superhuman PS

Natural Combat Ability

Supernatural PS

Enchanted Daikatana: indestructible, 1s,p, made of silver metal w/ blood red runes etched in swirling red molten blood along the blade, base damage for blade is 6d6SN PS damage, affects/dmg all creatures of magic, demons, zombies, dragons, werewolves, vampires,superbeings, and even creatures who are Invulnerable Double dmg to beings vuln to silver, soul drinker

Sword name: Crucifix – Aberrant, cons Greatest Rune Weapon

Enchanted Leather Rune Armor: 300MDC, regens 1d4x10 every melee, spells: armor bizarre @ 10th lvl (150MDC), Invulnerability

Demon Pistol (2): 1d6x10 MD Silver rounds, range 800ft +3 to strike on called shot

Background Summary:

Power Hungry: This individual made the pact to acaquire power. He believes that if he has great power he can change the world for the better, even if that power comes from an evil source. Of course, he’s blinded by his own ambition and own nihilistic idea of what a better world should be. As a result he dioesn’t care aobut the opinions of other people (especially the ideas that are better than his own), nor does he realize he’s consumed with the acquisition of ever greater power, including reputation, authority over others, absolute trust, and similar. He has an inflated sense of self and an insatiable need for fame and glory. To this lost soul, fame and accolades are all part of being powerful, for one must be respected and praised to be powerful and influential. Thus, this character becomes enraged and violent when someone criticizes him in front of others, impugns his reputation or humiliates or outshines him in public. Whenever that happens, he craves revenge and will consider doing almost anything to be held in high esteem or gain more authority and power over others – even if it means stealing credit, lyin about his accomplishments, discrediting someone else, or doing whatever it takes to be top dog. This also means he can be reckless and takes risks that put innocent people in danger. Sooner or later a mistake on his part could cost people dearly. A lot of people. The power hungry character is always under a considerable amount of stress at all times which makes him irritable and dismissive toward others.


Solomon Kane

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