Tanya "Hellion" Niemczycki



NAME: Tanya “Hellion” Niemczycki
R.C.C.: Nightbane
O.C.C.: Nightbane Talent Shaper (Sorceror – Rifter #44 p.44)
HEIGHT: 5’11”
WEIGHT: 172 lbs
GENDER: Female
AGE: Unknown (appears in her mid ‘30s)
ALIGNMENT: Aberrant (Think Geena Davis from The Long Kiss Goodnight)

DISPOSITION: Rifter #41 p.15 Personality Type – Champion (Rebel)
Perhaps the most well-known heroic archetype, the Champion Character is truly dedicated to a cause. Whether the character is a super-powered hero, a knight, or a Coalition soldier, Chapmions are apt to be narrow of focus and defined solely by their goal or ideal. To characters of this personality type all things not directly involved with their mission are secondary. Often, a Champion will take on a philosophical ideal that they wish to advance and their zealotry in promulgating that cause is without peer or parallel. That having been said one must be careful not to let their Champion become too fixated because even the most focused Crusader has to step back and take time to smell the roses from time to time.

RebelBucking authority and fighting against those in power are the bread and butter of the Rebel. Generally well-meaning rogues these Champions adhere to a code of conduct that places them in opposition to powerful rulers and petty bureaucrats. While similar to the Avengar, the Rebel fights not for revenge but to change the system. They see their fight as a way to lift themselves and others out of oppression. One of the world’s most famous modern Rebels, Nelson Mandela, had this to say about rebellion: “I had no epiphany, no singular revelation, no moment of truth, but a steady accumulation of a thousand slights, a thousand indignities, and a thousand unremembered moments produced in me an anger, a rebelliousness, a desire to fight the system that imprisoned my people.”

ATTRIBUTES ([XX] indicates final attribute):
IQ: 13 [ 0 ]
ME: 15 [- 2]
MA: 26 [+ 8] [+ 33% Intimidate]
PS: 31 [+ 11]
PP: 25 [+ 6]
PE: 28 [+ 20]
PB: 22 [+ 8]
SPD (running): 24 [- 10% Morph] , mph
H.P.: 85
S.D.C.: 72
I.S.P.: 8

PS: Façade + 64
PP: Façade + 6
PE: Façade + 10
Spd: Façade – 10% + 16
S.D.C.: Façade + 2d6x10 + 1d4x100 + 2d4x10 + 16 + 2d4x10 + 2d6x10
H.P.: Façade + P.E.×2 + 2d6 / level
P.P.E: P.E. + 2d6x10 + 3d6x10 + 20 + 3d6 / lvl + 5 / lvl
HF: 19 [max bonus]

Nightbane Survival Guide:

Height – Tall

Birth Order – First Born

Special Aptitude Bonuses – Quick Reflexes: +1 attack per melee and +1 to dodge

Sense of Identity – Child of Darkness: She considers herself a superior supernatural being and while she wishes she were human she sees humans as inferior. Worse, this character suspects he is probably born from evil and is the progeny of the Nightlords and created for the service of evil. Though the character may try to be a good or selfish alignment and help people she fears she is drawn to darkness and evil for that is her true nature. She fears she has more in common with the Nightlords than any other and is fascinated by them, perhaps even wishes she was one of them. Believes she and all Nightbane are superior to humans and considers the Guardians, vampires and all other supernatural beings to be rivals.

Outlook on the Hidden War – Resentful about the Hidden War: Why are the Nightlords her problem or the problem of any Nightbane? Who says it is their duty to oppose and destroy the Ba’al? She didn’t sign up to be a monster or fight any damn war. This character resents being drafted into the Hidden War against the demonic Nightlords and their supernatural minions. She’d prefer to stay out of it except the Nightlords won’t let her. This Nightbane would much rather go about her own business and avoid the Nightlords only she can’t stand by and do nothing while innocent people and Nightbane are suffering or being killed. That attitude may change but for now she’s a reluctant heroine.

Nightbane Sorceror Abilities:

Understand the Principles of Magic: Sorceror’s know and understand the main principles of magic and sorcery including rituals, symbols, incantations, and paraphernalia. This allows them to distinguish between fake “occult” materials and the real thing as well as to determine the general purpose of specific items and even which supernatural forces are involved. Base Skill: 70% + 2% / level

Sense Ley Lines and Nexus Points: The sorceror’s sense enable him to see ley lines (normally invisible to humans). The character will “see” faint traces of energy running down the lines or seething at nexus points. Range: Line of Sight or 1 mile (whichever is LESS)

Magic Bonuses: +4 vs Magic, +4 vs Possession, +2 vs Mind Control, +4 vs Horror Factor

Nightbane Talent Shaper Abilities:

The real difference between the Nightbane Talent Shaper and other Nightbane comes when selecting talents. The Talent Shaper starts with one talent as normal at first level. At second level select two new talents with all the normal restrictions. At level three select two new talents but these and all talents thereafter may be selected without any level restrictions.

At fourth level add a one-time bonus of 20 P.P.E. and modify any one talent with one of the following bonuses: Cost to activate – 25%, Range + 50%, Duration +50%, Damage +50%, Protection / SDC / Healing + 50%, Talent Saving Throw +1 (like spell strength).

At fifth level the Talent Shaper may select any talent regardless of restrictions (ie. No stigmata but could still select Bloodbath, etc.) Starting at fifth level and for every level thereafter the Talent Shaper may select one new talent and modify one existing talent or modify two existing talents. Talents may be modified multiple times but not using the same modification.

Restriction: Talents may never be purchased using P.P.E. like regular Nightbane.

Nightbane Special Abilities:
Façade bonuses: +2 vs magic, +1 vs disease, +1 vs horror factor
Morphus bonuses: +1 init, + 2 strike, parry, and dodge, +3 roll / pull, +4 vs magic, + 3 vs psionics, +3 vs disease, +3 vs horror factor

The Becoming – the transformation takes 1 full melee round. Save vs ME (12 or higher) and it is only 1 action. Gain +1 at first level and +1 every two levels thereafter

Supernatural Senses – Nightvision 200ft in façade, 1000ft in morphus, sense presence of other Nightbane 300ft +30ft / level

Regeneration – 10 S.D.C. / Hit Points / M.D.C. per melee round (15 seconds)

Mirror Walk – While wearing their morphus form the Nightbane can use mirrors to cross-over into and out of Nightlands. Costs 2 PPE and takes 15 seconds. Can take others at the cost of 1 PPE per (2) pounds.

Immunities – immune to all forms of mind control, vampiric powers, control spells, and psionics. They are also immune to a vampire’s slow-kill bite. Immune to TRANSFORMATIONS of any kind (metamorphosis spells, potions, rituals, vampire transformations, petrification, turn to mist, curses, wishes, spell magic, or enchantment, etc.)


Believing that she had some terrible evil within her this Nightbane’s morphus has become a manifestation of that evil so that the ‘Bane feels she is unleashing that inner evil whenever she transforms. Depending on the ‘Bane’s personality and alignment this could make her hesitant to assume her Morphus and constantly afraid of losing control of herself and giving in to her darker impulses. It may even cause her to have a split personality with one personality taking control in Façade and the other in Morphus. Talents: A Darksider’s Talents will function the same as a normal Nightbane’s talents except everything created (like Darkwhip) will appear rust-colored and covered in slime.

Similar to the Chosen one this Nightbane believes that her powers come from outside herself. But, unlike the Chosen One, this Nightbane doesn’t believe that they come from on high. Believing that she is empowered by the forces of darkness this power believes that she truly is a demon herself. This character struggles to be human knowing that she is cursed to forever battle her evil nature. Talents: The Talents of a Cursed One function the same as any other Nightbane except they appear and seem darker and more sinister in nature. Any objects created will be covered in spikes or blades. Anyone who is touched by power of a Cursed Nightbane, even if he is a demon or Nightlord, will feel that he has somehow been tainted by this being’s power and will feel distinctly dirty until he’s had a chance to wash himself off.

Method of Transformation: Flames – The Nightbane bursts into flames when she undergoes her transformation. The flames quickly burn away the flesh revealing the other form underneath. These flames “feel” hot to anyone near her but they do not inflict any damage. Spontaneous combustion!

Transformation Effect (Rifter #20 p.61): Push Away – a strong telekinetic-like force manifests when the Nightbane transforms pushing everyone within 10ft away from her and throwing them back 1d4+10ft and possibly knocking them down (50%). Anyone attempting to approach the Nightbane while transforming will also be thrown back. Anyone knocked down or thrown into an object will be damaged as if the Nightbane had punched him – Morphus punch damage.

Transformation of Clothing and Items Carried: Vanishes – Everything on the Nightbane’s person vanishes when she transforms and returns exactly as it was when she transforms back. Where these items go is unknown.

Morphus Attitude: Malicious – Nightbane with this feature not only look ready to hurt people but they look like they’re really gonna enjoy it. Even if she is the kindest, gentlest person in the world this Nightbane looks like she would gleefully tear your arms off and beat you to death with them. People tend to avoid Nightbane who look this sinister and will tend to avoid her when possible. +20% to Intimidation, Horror Factor can go up to 19

Devastation (Rifter #20 p.66) – Nightbane with this power are incredibly dangerous. Every time their foot touches the ground it cracks and they leave a 3 inch deep impression in the ground filled with the shattered remains of whatever it was they were standing on (concrete, stone, dirt, wood, whatever, etc.). If this Nightbane should jump or fall she will leave a shallow crater in the spot where she lands. The crater will be 3d6 inches deep and have a diameter equal to the distance the Nightbane fell divided by 10. +30 P.S., +1d4x100 S.D.C., all attacks x3 damage

The Mark of Evil (Cursed Roll #1) – On the Nightbane’s ample chest, over her heart, is inscribed a strange symbol which she believes has marked her as the property of some dark and malignant force. The symbol may be a birthmark, a tattoo, a branding or simply carved into the Nightbane’s flesh. Strangely this mark is present in both the Morphus and Façade. +2d6x10 P.P.E., double the amount of P.P.E. gained per level, +1 to all saving throws

Profane Weapon (Cursed Roll #2) – An ancient weapon of unparalelled evil which seems to have been forged in the flames of Hell is carried by the Nightbane. The balance and weight of this weapon are unequaled however its design and ornamentation are like something from the nightmares of a tortured soul as is the scabbard / case. This weapon inflicts triple the normal damage for a weapon of its type. If the ‘Bane does not already know how to use this weapon he gains the proficiency while in Morphus. Giant-Sized Polearm – Lochaber Axe 6d6 M.D. × 3 + SN P.S.

Feral Monster (Infernal instead of Alien Appearance) – This Nightbane looks rather like a minotaur with a pair of large horns, red skin, muscular arms, upper body, torso, and lower body and a face that is more like that of a rabid, wild animal than human. The character almost always looks angry or upset with teeth clenched, furrowed brows, flared nostrils, and a voice that is more like a growl. Bonuses: + 2d4x10 + 16 S.D.C., + 1d6 P.S., + 1 P.E., + 13% Intimidate, + 13% Interrogate, bite attack 2d4 damage, head butt 2d6 + P.S., + 1d4 HF. Penalties: – 1d4 M.E., – 10% Spd, weight x2, size / height + 20%, impossible to disguise and engage in undercover ops, and likely to require custom-made clothes.

Particularly Feral (Dark Side) – This goes beyond simply looking mean. This Nightbane looks rabid – teeth and claws are larger, sharper, her muscles bulge and strain, and the ‘Bane looks mindless with unbridled rage. All natural weaponry this Nightbane has in his Morphus deals double damage. +1d6 P.S., +3 P.E., +2d4x10 S.D.C., +1d4 HF

Equine / Bovine / Deer (Animal Form instead of Alien Shape) – kicks and headbuts inflict DOUBLE damage, jump kicks and leap attacks inflict TRIPLE damage: Were-Animal / Minotaur – This character has the basic bipedal shape of a muscle-bound human but is covered in fur, has cloven feet, a tail, and the head of a bull. Bonuses: + 6 P.S., + 2 P.P., + 4 P.E., + 4d6 Spd, + 2d6x10 S.D.C., Kicks and Horn attacks inflict an additional 2d6 damage, + 2 Initiative, +1d4 + 2 HF


Anti-Arcane – When activating this Talent the Nightbane is surrounded by an aura of black light (easil confused with Shadow Shield). While this aura is in effect the Nightbane is utterly immune to the effects of magic. Any spell that can be resisted by a saving throw versus magic will have NO EFFECT ON THE CHARACTER. 20 P.P.E. to activate, lasts for 1 minute. (-50% activation cost)

Severance – The Nightbane is able to temporarily shut down his supernatural aura, making himself undetectable to other Nightbane, psychics, mages, and supernatural creatures who can sense and track the supernatural aura of Nightbane and other paranormal beings. While this is active the Nightbane cannot use any of his other Talents nor cast any magic. Furthermore, the Nightbane feels cut off from the metaphysical world and the sense of alienation can be unsettling. Not available until 4th level. Self only. One minute per level. Cost 15 P.P.E. to acquire permanently, 10 P.P.E. to activate.

Doorway – Creates a door of dark energy that leads to a specific location desired by the creator. Takes one melee round of concentration. Any location up to 1 mile per 2 P.P.E. spent. The Nightbane must have been there at least once in his life or have line of sight. Usable only by Morphus. Requires 5th level. Costs 15 P.P.E. permanently to acquire and a minimum of 2 P.P.E. to activate. Can also be used to go to Nightlands but this costs 40 P.P.E. +2 per mile. (-50% P.P.E. activation cost, +50% Power)

Speed Darkling – This Talent gives the Nightbane incredible speed. Take the Spd attribute number x10 mph. Thus if the character has a Spd of 9 he can now run 90mph. Lasts for one minute per level. Bonuses: +1 attack per melee, +1 initiative, +4 automatic dodge. Penalty: When the duration ends the character feels spent, his normal Spd is half, -1 attack per melee, no initiative, -2 s,p,d for 1d6 melee rounds.

Spelljack – This powerful talent enables the Nightbane using it to hijack control of a spell cast either by someone near him or on an area, object, or person within his range. Once in control of the magic the Nightbane may immediately cancel it, keep it in effect, reduce the duration, or range / area of effect, or seize control of those effected by it. In order to affect spells with instant durations the Nightbane must roll against the spell caster’s initiative (though he gets to include his own initiative bonus to that roll). If the ‘Bane wins the initiative he seized control of the spell cast. If the mage wins initiative he casts the spell before the ‘Bane can seize it and it has the intended effect on the intended target (range, duration, level, and effects of the spell remain unchanged). Can also be used on Living Spells (See Living Spell Magic in Rifter #XX)

Nightbringer – Absorbs the light around the Nightbane creating an area of darkness equal to 10ft in diameter per 2 P.P.E. spent. The power also absorbs energy attacks except Dark Whip and Shadow Blast and other darkness based magic. People caught in the unnatural darkness are -6 to strike, parry, and dodge and -4 on Perception rolls. Penalties are halved for creatures with Nightvision. Usable only by Morphus. Costs 5 P.P.E. to acquire and 2 to activate +2 P.P.E. per additional 10ft diameter.

Reshape Façade – Although contemptuously called the façade the Nightbane’s human form is as unique and real to him as the superhuman morphus. This talent can temporarily alter the shape, hair color, and features of the façade. The more extensive the change the more P.P.E. it will cost. Imitating a particular person is possible at 20% + 3% per level or per the Disguise skill. Usable by façade only. Must be 3rd level to acquire. Costs 12 P.P.E. to acquire permanently, 6 to activate + 4 P.P.E. per additional hour.

The Shroud – This powerful talent enables the Nightbane to become invisible and noiseless to normal vision and senses as well as electronic devices like cameras, motion detectors, heat sensors, etc. This ability can be used selectively enabling some characters to see him while others can’t. The moment the Nightbane attacks anyone he becomes completely visible. Likewise, a Nightbane cannot activate this to duck out of sight during combat but must first leave line of sight. Usable only by Morphus. Costs 12 P.P.E. to acquire permanently and 10 to activate per minute. (-50% activation cost)

Hush – Rifter #44 p.41 – Hush is a very useful Talent for covert operations. It surrounds the Nightbane in a 20ft bubble of total silence that follows him wherever he goes. No sound can escape the bubble so the Nightbane can easily slip past patrols or eliminate guards without raising an alarm. The silence works both ways – no sound can enter the bubble so a careless Nightbane can fall victim to his own power and be taken by surprise. Used in conjunction with the more P.P.E. expensive Shroud (switching from one to another as needed) a Nightbane can infiltrate almost any place. The bubble starts out at 20ft diameter +2ft per level. Hush will silence the report of any weapon fired within the bubble but once the projectile / blast / missile leaves the area it can be heard by anyone within earshot. The same goes for thrown objects. If your vehicle can fit within the bubble you can drive / ride / fly in total silence. Usable by Morphus only. Costs 10 P.P.E. to acquire permanently, 7 to activate for the first minute, 2 P.P.E. per minute thereafter to maintain. (-50% P.P.E. activation cost, +50% magnitude)

ATTACKS PER MELEE: 4 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 8
COMBAT BONUSES (Façade): + 1 dodge, + 4 vs Magic, + 4 vs Possession, + 2 vs Mind Control, + 4 vs Horror Factor, + 2 vs magic, + 1 vs disease, + 1 vs horror factor, + 1 to all saves,

Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
COMBAT MOVES/MANEUVERS: Kick 3d6 + 2d6x2×2 + SNPS, Headbutt 2d6 + 2d6 + 2d6x2×2 + SNPS, Jump Kick (2apm, Kick damage x3)

COMBAT BONUSES (Morphus): + 6 dodge, + 5 parry, + 4 strike, + 10 vs magic, + 4 vs possession, + 2 vs mind control, + 8 vs horror factor, + 3 initiative, + 6 roll / pull, + 3 vs psionics, + 4 vs disease, + 1 to ALL SAVES, all natural weaponry this Nightbane has in his Morphus deals double damage, Headbutt inflicts an extra 2d6 damage, Kicks and Horn attacks inflict an additional 2d6 damage, kicks and headbuts inflict DOUBLE damage, jump kicks and leap attacks inflict TRIPLE damage, body flip / throw – 1d6 damage and victim loses initiative and 1 action, Leap Kick (2 attacks, inflicts double damage), + 2 entangle, critical strike on 18 – 20, W.P. Paired Weapons, can perform Holds, + 2 disarm, Backflip and Backflip Escape

Language: American 98%
Language: Demogogian (+ 10)
Language: Dragonese / Elven (+ 10)
Literacy: American (+ 20)
Literacy: Dragonese / Elven
Lore: Magic
Lore: Demon and Monster
Research (+ 20)
Math: Basic (+ 30)
Climbing (+ 10, Rappel + 30) – 50% + 8, + 1PS, + 1PE, + 6SDC
Land Navigation (+ 15) 45% + 5
Radio: Basic (+ 10)
Swimming (+ 20) 50% + 8
Wilderness Survival (+ 20) 30% + 5
WP: Forked (+ 4s, + 3p, + 1s when thrown)
WP: Armor (+ 1d6 FSP damage)
WP: Polearm (+ 4 dam, + 4s, + 2s when thrown)
Athletics – + 1s,p,d, + 1PS, + 6Spd, + 8SDC
Running – + 1PE, + 16Spd, + 6SDC,
Boxing – + 1apm, + 2p,d, + 2 roll, + 1PE, + 4PS, + 18SDC,
Detect Concealment 25% + 5
Detect Ambush 30% + 5
Intelligence / Military Intelligence 32% + 4
Prowl 46% + 8
Find Contraband 26% + 5
Interrogate (+ 13%)
Trap / Mine Detection (20% + 5)

(remove research, math: basic, radio: basic, intelligence)

Acrobatics – Sense of Balance (60% + 5), Walk Tightrope (60% + 5), Climb Rope (80% + 5), Climb (+ 15% to skill), Back Flip (60% + 5), Prowl (+ 10% to skill), + 2 roll, + 1 PS, + 4 PP, + 1 PE, + 6 SDC, leap 4ft high and 5ft long + 2ft per level


SPELL FOCUS: Focused magic allows the mage to pump additional P.P.E. into the spells he casts to increase the effects. Each focused magic skill costs one skill selection from O.C.C. / Related skills. Focused magic cannot be applied to rituals, wards, circles, magic / TW items, or other non-spell magic – only to cast spells. Base skill is Principles of Magic percentile. Failure means spell is cast and additional P.P.E. is spent but without the additional effects. Attempting to use a focus on spells higher than the mages current level incurs a -5% penalty per level difference. More than one Focus may be used with the following penalties: two focii -10%, three focii -25%, four focii -45%. Also if the mage is using multiple focuses and fails he must roll an additional Principles of Magic roll to even cast the spell. Each Focus costs an additional 50% of the spell’s base P.P.E.

SPELL FOCUS: STRENGTH – increase spell strength by +1 at lvl 1, 5, 9, and 13 and a permanent +1 vs magic

SPELL FOCUS: MIGHT – successful use of this focus doubles damage, at 9th lvl mage can triple damage for +100% P.P.E. cost instead of normal +50% P.P.E. but does so at -20% penalty on Principles of Magic.

SPELL FOCUS: BURST CASTING – increase relative casting speed (most spells cast in half time). Spells lvl 1-5 use one action, lvl 6-10 use 1 action, lvl 11-15 use 2 actions

MAGIC (LEVEL 1 – 5): Blinding Flash (1 / 3) – save -1, blind (-10s,p,d) for 1d4 rounds 10ft radius up to 60ft away, Cloud of Smoke (2) – no save, -5 all combat manvr’s, 90ft away, lasts 1min / lvl, Globe of Daylight (2) – up to 30ft away, 3min / lvl, 12ft area / level, See Aura (6) – 1 melee, up to 100ft away, Sense Evil (2) – 90ft, 2min / lvl, See the Invisible (4) – 1 min / lvl, 200ft, Sense Magic (4) – 120ft area, 2min / lvl, Aura of Power (4) – 1min / lvl, self or 1 other by touch, +1d4+2 M.A., 3 lvls higher, 50% stronger, Befuddle (6) – 100ft, 2min / lvl, -2s,p,3, -50% apm, -20% skills, Chameleon (6) – self or others by touch, 4.5min / lvl, 90% prowl if spd 0, 70% if moving 2ft / round, 20% if moving 6ft / round, Cloak of Darkness (6) – self + 5ft radius, 4min / lvl, invisible but can be seen by infra, thermo, heat, motion detect, -3 to strike all range unless thermo and then -1 strike, melee unaffected, Concealment (6) – 5 min per level, small objects (less than 14” in length and width and 6” in depth, up to 40ft away, any who look at object save vs magic, if object is used as a weapon, picked up by mage or anyone else who sees it, the spell is broken, Detect Concealment (6) – instant, area effect 30ft, no save, Mystic Alarm (5) – 1yr / lvl, 12ft, Armor of Ithan (10) – 1min / lvl, self or other by touch, 10 M.D.C. / lvl, magic fire, lightn, and cold do 50% dam, Breath Without Air (5) – self or 2 others by touch, 3 min / level, Impervious to Fire (5) – self or other by touch up to 60ft away, normal, magical, M.D. fire do no damage, Invisibility Simple (6) – self-only, 3 min / lvl, Life Source (2) – 1 M.D.C. for 1 P.P.E. (damage penalties apply, see notes Book of Magic p.97), Mystic Fulcrum (6) – self or 2 others by touch, 5 min / lvl, lift 50% more, carry 10% more, Paralysis: Lesser (5) – 60ft, 1 min / lvl, cannot affect people inside vehicle, power armor, robot, or environmental body armor, Telekinesis (8) – 60ft, 1 min / lvl, 60lbs max, + 3s, + 4p, Blind (6) – touch or 10ft away, 1min / lvl, Carpet of Adhesion (10) – 2.5mins / lvl, 30ft / lvl, 10ft x 20ft sticky fly paper, successful save lasts 2d6 rounds, Charismatic Aura (10) – 6 rounds / lvl, 60ft radius, P.B.+8, 1 of 3 responses (friendship / trust, power / fear, or successful deception – 80% chance to believe a lie), Chromatic Protection (10) – self or touch (person or inanimate object), 1 min / lvl, 10ft radius, victim blind for 1d4 rounds, attackers are +1s in darkness because of glow, dragons, gods, greater demons, intelligences not effected, lesser demons / supernatural creatures recover in ½ time, Energy Field (10) – self or others up to 60ft away, 1 min / lvl or until destroyed, 60 M.D.C., double at ley lines, triple at nexus, Magic Net (7) – dodge of 16 or higher, 60ft, 30sec / lvl, anyone caught in the net is helpless to attack or defend, Multiple Image (7) – 1 min / lvl, -4 to save, mage is +2d, +2init, +1s, Seal (7) – 100ft, 2min / lvl, at 4th lvl seals every door, window, jar, enclosure, etc. within 100ft, Shadow Meld (10) – 2 min / lvl, shadow must be at least 5ft tall or long to be effective, totally invisible even to “see the invisible,” attackers are -5s, infra / thermo are only way to see caster, Trance (10) – touch or within 12ft, 5 min / lvl, victim will follow simple commands, cannot combat, incapacitate, Repel Animals (7) – 30ft, immediately leave the area, will affect a max of 6 animals, Aura of Death (12) – 2 rounds / lvl, nimbus of purplish-black flames, invis to infra / thermo / heat / and all biological scanning systems, blocks the character’s life force making him invisible to mechanical sensors, invisible to see aura, sense evil, presence sense, detect psionics, psychic diagnosis, prevents magic / psionic healing, Calling (8) – 5 min / lvl, 2miles / lvl, one sentence, successful save and Call is heard once, unsuccessful and Call is heard continuously until spell elapses or target comes to mage, Charm (12) – 1 min / lvl, 15ft, believe everything caster tells him, trusts caster, does his best to please / help / assist / protect caster, Distant Voice (10) – 2000ft / lvl need LoS, 5min / lvl, voices pass both ways, 500ft max without LoS but must know target very well, Domination (10) – touch or within 4ft, 15min / lvl, victim will do ANYTHING except commit suicide, inflict self-harm, kill a friend or loved-one, victim is half apm, bonuses, speed, skills, speech is slow, seems distant or dazed, cannot effect a person in MDC environmental armor, power armor, robot, or vehicle etc., Energy Disruption (12) – 3min / lvl, 60ft, no save, cannot effect M.D.C. environmental armor, power armor, robots, or military vehicles, Escape (8) – self, touch, or 8ft, no save, unlock any locking mechanism from rope, handcuffs, prison cells, doors, trunks, locks, Eyes of Thoth (8) – 10min / lvl, self or other by touch, no save, Featherlight (10) – touch or 10ft away, 10min / lvl, no save, does not on anything living, due to loss of mass the item is of no use as a weapon, if mage cancels magic it does not return to weight unless it is sheathed or put down, effects robots and vehicles as long as the caster can effect the weight of the entire object (200lbs / lvl), something made Featherlight cannot inflict damage and is easily blown by the wind, like a feather, House of Glass (12) – 100ft away, 1min / lvl, gods are immune, the victim appears to turn into living glass but suffers no damage only a strange semi-transparent appearance, the victim of the spell cannot harm the caster without doing identical damage to himself, same applies to magical effects, if the victim is killed or put in a coma the spell ends immediately, Lifeblast (15) – can be cast on one character up to 30ft / lvl or 2 by touch, used on the living good / evil provides +3init, +1 all combat rolls, +1apm, +1 on all saves, after first round and for the next 30min +1 init, +5% skills, +10% vs coma / death, against creatures of death and undead see notes BoM p.108, Superhuman Speed (10) – self or other by touch, 1min / lvl, Spd 44, +2 parry, +6 dodge, all movements performed without fatigue, Sustain (12) – self or 2 others by touch, 1day / lvl, can survive without food, water, or breathable air, needs only 2 hrs of sleep per night, Swim as Fish: Superior (12) – self or 2 others by touch, 10min / lvl, swim skill 98%, Spd 20, breathe underwater, max depth 2 miles, +2 p,d in water

MAGIC (LEVEL 6 – 10): Apparition (20) – 30ft, 1min / lvl, anyone who comes within range must save, only 3 ways to destroy the illusion (save vs magic only works for individual, plunge an iron rod into it, wait for spell’s duration to elapse), creature has 6 max apm, + 2s, + 3p, + 6d, incredibly strong, HF 10, Call Lightning (15) – 300ft and line of sight, 1d6M.D. / lvl, instant, Energize Spell (12 + full P.P.E. of original spell) – touch or 10ft away, no save, allows the mage to pump additional P.P.E. into a spell to extend its duration, can be used on any spell with a duration greater than 1 round, if attempting to energize a spell cast on an opponent the victim must be touched otherwise being within 10ft is close enough, only works on spell 6th lvl or less, Impervious to Energy (20) – self or others by ritual, 2min / lvl, impervious to fire, heat, electricity, lasers, and all energy, Magic Pigeon (20) – 2 months / lvl, spoken (30 words or less) or written message, any place in the same dimension, caster must know general location or recipient and specific person or two to receive the message, flies at speed of 30mph, 720 miles every 24hrs, normal weapons may not harm or capture the magic pigeon but spells can (magic net, carpet of adhesion, etc.), only dispel magic / negate magic can destroy it, Mask of Deceit (15) – 10min / lvl, save -4, only facial features, imitate at 20% + 5% or Disguise skill base, Power Bolt (20) – 1600ft + 100ft / lvl, 5d6 M.D. + 2 / lvl, needs a nat 20 or modified 24 to dodge, caster may regulate damage in increments of 1d6. M.D. but P.P.E. cost is unchanged, Reduce Self (6 inches) (20) – 10 melee / lvl, Targeted Deflection (15) – only works on energy attacks, to return the attack to its source roll parry +3 in addition to any P.P. / Targeting skill bonuses, Teleport: Lesser (15) – 5 miles / lvl, up to 50lbs, must know location, 80% + 2% / lvl, unsuccessful means object is in random location within 5mi / lvl, Time Slip (20) – all around him lose 2apm, mage gains 7 seconds worth of actions, Tongues (12) – self or other by touch, 3min / lvl, understand and speak all languages at 98%, Agony (20) – 5ft / lvl, 1min, victim loses all apm, cannot move, attack, or even speak – only writhe in agony, during 2nd minute half apm, half spd, -1s,p,d, Dispel Magic Barriers (20) – 100ft, instant, spell gets saving throw 12 or better, Fly as the Eagle (25) – self or 2 others by touch or one up to 100ft away, 20min / lvl, 50mph, + 1s, + 2p, + 2 dam on diving attack, bonuses only apply when in flight, Invulnerability (25) – self or other by touch, 1 melee / lvl, impervious to cold, fire, energy, disease, poison, toxins, drugs, + 50 M.D.C., + 10vs Magic, + 10vs Psionics, and HF, Invisibility: Superior (20) – self or other by touch, 3min / lvl, invis to ordinary vision, infrared, ultraviolet, all optics, heat, motion, smell, no footprints, prowl at 84%, magic breaks with any hostile action, cannot walk through walls, Mental Shock (30) – 200ft + 50ft / lvl, -1 save, works on full environmental armor / power armor, not targets inside large robot vehicles and heavily armored military vehicles, requires line of sight, on a successful save target is dazed for 1d4 melees, -2apm, -5 all combat rolls, -25% all skills, dull headache lingers for an hour, on an unsuccessful save target suffers from amnesia, loses his identity and all skills except his native language and 5 skills, lasts 4d6 hours + 2 hours / lvl, SN creatures (other than sub-demons) and creatures of magic (dragons) are immune, Negate Mechanics (20) – 1 melee round, 1 mechanism up to 100ft away or 2 by touch, 1 aspect of a machine or mechanism is paused or inhibited, caster can specify target (switches, triggers, buttons, locks, gears, pulleys, prevent gun from firing, grenade from exploding, optical sight or laser targeting stop working, lock up a computer, freeze a joint on a robot or PA, jet pack, sensor, radio, radar, atc.) – cannot be used on M.O.M. implants, cybernetics, bionics, nano-machines, or anything connected to or encased in living flesh, devices / mechanisms can be no larger than a basketball, Second Sight (20) – 2 melees, 5miles / lvl, caster must have previously met or encountered the target, just think about the person and the mage gets a clairvoyant-like vision of what the person is doing and saying and who he is with, can also be used to TRANSMIT the mages current activity and present situation to another person, image is always true events, vision cannot be altered or doctored in any way, no save except Mind Block, Wind Rush (20) – 120ft, 1 melee, save on an 18, 19, or 20 will save one from losing balance and losing items, wind can be directed at specific target or general area (max width 20ft), anyone caught in the wind is helpless unable to attack or move forward, takes an additional melee to recover, 1d8 melees to gather up all items blown away, Expel Demons (35) – 10ft area / lvl, 1d6 hours, all lesser demons / lesser SN beings, save vs 18, greater save vs 12, demon lords, elementals, spirit beings, gods, etc. are impervious, Invincible Armor (30) – self or other by touch, 3min / lvl, 25 M.D.C. / lvl, regens 1d6 M.D.C. / melee, full environmental protection and oxygen supply, energy attacks half damage, -15% prowl, swim, and physical skills, Magical Adrenal-Rush (45) – 100ft, line of sight, 1 melee / lvl, self or one by touch, P.S. becomes SN, + 2apm, + 50% Spd, no fatigue, impervious to drugs, illusions, mc, hf, pain, and endures x3 normal damage, + 3init, + 1s,d, + 1 all saves, when spell wears off caster can barely move for 1d4 mins, reduce apm, spd, skils, bonuses by half, Negate Magic (30) – touch or 60ft, successful on a save vs magic, does not work vs possession, talisman, amulet, exorcism, constrain being, banishment, ench objects, symbols / circles or prot, wards, summoning magic, zombies, golems, restoration, healing, TW items, bio-wiz, rune items, etc. But can be used vs curse at 25%, Sickness (50) – touch or 20ft, 12hrs / lvl, reduce to 1apm, -4s,p,d, no init, skills -40%, Wisps of Confusion (40) – 90ft, 5 melee / lvl, affects 2d4 creatures / people -5s,p,d, and half apm, Dessicate the Supernatural (50) – 50ft away / lvl or 2 by touch, 3d6x10 M.D., -1 save, does not work against full environ, PA, or inside heavily armored vehicle / room, does not affect creatures of magic, half damage on successful save, Mute (50) – touch or up to 30ft away, 5 min / lvl, Swords to Snakes (50) – 60ft, 2 melee / lvl, does not affect magical / TW weapons, snakes do 1d4 damage to wielders, one item is transformed / lvl, Transferal (50) – touch or 10ft, 1hr / lvl, caster temporarily transfers all but 4 P.P.E. and experience into the target, a See Aura will see no magical ability or level of xp, recipient is completely unaware and cannot use the power, the mage can cast all spells but has only 4 P.P.E. and 1st lvl proficiency, can regain the power by touching the person or waiting until duration ends, if “vessel” is slain mage regains all lost power and levels, Deathword (70) – 30ft and clear sound, 2d6 + 1d6 / lvl, standard save vs magic for damage only and no coma, to survive death roll to save vs coma, greater SN / gods get + 3 to save, if target is within range and can clearly hear the word there is NO SAVE, damage is inflicted regardless of magical defenses, body armor, if mage can whisper the word damage is DOUBLE, vs S.D.C. creatures damage goes direct to H.P., coma lasts 1d4 hours, after coma elapses save vs coma to live, Enemy Mind (100) – 10ft, 1 min / lvl, -1 save, M.E. bonuses applicable as well as save vs magic bonuses, enemies of caster become enemies of victim, when spell elapses character has no memory but knows the mage took control of him, Giant (80) – self or other by touch, 1melee / lvl, grow + 10ft tall, armor / clothing shredded by transformation, caster loses ability to draw on P.P.E. for duration of spell, any protective spells that create form-fitting effects are negated at time of casting, H.P. and S.D.C. x3 / M.D.C. x2, P.S. + 50%, Regen 2d6 M.D. / melee, + 1apm, + 1s,p, + 1000lbs, Spd -20%, -3d,



TW Gun – Wisps of Confusion as per spell @ 5th lvl proficiency
TW Net Gun – Magic Net as per spell @ 5th lvl proficiency
Assorted gear, grenades, and a suit of TW armor
Also see “Profane Weapon” – her primary weapon



Little is known about her. She has ties to a past/different version of Trent Logan. She has mentioned the Geofront in China as a place she’s spent time, and she’s mentioned working for Sturm Brightblade. According to the Future Journal, she died, but she is obviously very much alive.

Tanya "Hellion" Niemczycki

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