"The Deacon" Karr

The Hand of God


O.C.C.: Gunfighter
Alignment: Unprincipled
Level: Three
XP: 4,586
Height: 6’(Tall)
Weight: 190 lbs (Muscular)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Family Origin: Unknown

IQ:12 ME:10 MA:10 PS:16 PP:13 PE:12 PB:8 Spd:13
H.P.: 12, S.D.C.: 38, P.P.E.: 0, I.S.P.: 0

Known Arsenal:
Vibro Knife 1D6
1860 Colt .44 Revolver 5D6 (SDC)
Wilk-Remi 136 Big Man 3D6
Wilk-Remi 136 Big Man 3D6
Wilk 157 Judgement Day 3D6+2
WI-GL4 Grnd Lnchr 4D6

Languages: American & Spanish

Combat: Hand to Hand Combat: Assassin (4 Attacks/Round)

Known Skills:
Land Navigation 54%
Detect Ambush 55%
Detect Concealment 45%
Find Contraband, Weapons & Cybernetics 46%
Recognise weapon quality 55%
Tracking (people) 40%

Special Abilities:

Known Psychic Abilities:

Known Spells:

Known Magical Items:
Unidentified Techno Wizard Pistol

Background Summary:
[Environment Growing Up] Unknown
[Initial Reason for Adventuring] Doing God’s dirty work
[Sentiments toward the Coalition] Judged the same as everyone else
[Sentiments toward Non-Humans] Judged the same as everyone else


Elijah Karr was raised in a church-run orphanage until he was 14. The night of his 14th birthday he snuck out of the orphanage, only to get kidnapped by bandits. He managed to escape, but upon returning seven days later, he found the orphanage had been burned to the ground by the same bandits that kidnapped him on the night he was captured. There were no survivors.

He believed himself to be responsible for the deaths as it was a punishment by God for his transgression, and also a path to redemption. He found a shotgun amongst the rubble, and went back to the bandit camp on a horse, pretending to be dead. As the first one went to pull him off, he sprang up and shot all the bandits before they knew what had happened.

As the last bandit fell to the ground, Eli had a vision in which God told him he was pleased and that from that point forward he would go by the name Deacon Karr. Deacon would be absolved of all sin, past and future and in exchange, he would do God’s dirty work.

For 10 years he traveled and trained until, by His divine will, Deacon Karr arrived in Tolkein.

"The Deacon" Karr

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