Tr'nalith Sol-zeshol

Temporal Raider


Tr’nalith is a Temporal Raider, a supernatural creature which feeds off the life-force of mortal beings and specializes in using Temporal Magic.


Nothing is known of Tr’nalith’s past. He is a supernatural creature who roams the Magaverse, doing and taking what he wants when he wants it. He has travelled with and trained numerous others, including Lars Verdell, Nusael Tsetoror, and Trent Logan.

Trent witnessed his broken, bloody corpse in the hands of Sahtalus’ own minions, and then tossed off the balcony of Grim Mortis. Sahtalus was quite confident he had killed the Temporal Raider after several weeks of painful torture.

Tr'nalith Sol-zeshol

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