Angel Mask

Enchanted Mask of Mystery


Angel Mask: Enchanted Mask of Mystery

This mask is the product of some otherworldly magic and may be similar to Techno-Wizard magic or Rune magic, or something completely different. The mask becomes a living part of the wearer, though it can be removed as desired. When worn, it imparts certain powers and abilities to the mortal wearer (won’t work for creatures of magic or supernatural beings).

The Angel Mask is an attractive, golden skinned humanoid face that makes the wearer’s eyes twinkle, and has white feathers for hair.

Abilities when worn:

  • Magically understands and speaks all languages
  • Both Hit Points and S.D.C. turn into M.D.C. on a 1:1 basis
  • P.S. strength level becomes the equivalent of Robot P.S.
  • Also gets the following magical powers: Heal Wounds (10), Dessicate the Supernatural (50), Exorcism (30), Cleanse (6), Fly as the Eagle (25), Sense Evil (2), Turn Dead (6), Life Source (2+), Carpet of Adhesion (10), and Multiple Image (7)
  • Provides the wearer’s M.E. × 10 as additional P.P.E. for spell casting.

Other Properties:

  • Weight: 4-5 lbs, but feel weightless when worn.
  • Indestructible: The mask cannot be destroyed by any known means.
  • Market Price: Anywhere between 3 and 7.5 million credits. Super-rare, even at places where magic is commonpace, and unheard of most anywhere else. They seem to be found or encountered where there are powerful dimensional forces at work, like China, England and the Magic Zone.
  • Alignment Restriction: Must be of good or Unprincipled alignment to wear this mask. It is powerless on Anarchist or evil characters.

Masks like this can be found scattered across the Megaverse, often presented to mortals as boons from gods or ancient religious or magical artifacts passed on from generation to generation to high priests, chosen leaders or heroic champions.

Trent Logan traded away his most valuable possession in order to acquire this mask as a prize from a game of chance, during his stay in the Russian Fairy Carnival.

Angel Mask

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