weapon (melee)


a greater rune weapon

scrupulous. only those of good alignment can touch it
all 8 lesser ability’s
Iq of 13
communicate through limited telepathy
never dull, rust and cant be broken
+1 to all saving throws
can sense james from 4 miles away(and vise verse)

1 greater ability’s (#s in () indicate times per day)

Psionic ability: 86isp
all pyshical and sensative powers(at 6th level)
hypnotic segustion
mind block(auto)
empathis transmission


James sword is actually a greater rune weapon given to him by Artemis to fight the horseman. IQ of 13, limited telepathy with James and can not be held by anyone who is not of good alignment. Named Appolyesties(james calls her apple which she hates) she glows a bright neon blue when drawn. But Zues being a dick as always also placed a seal on the sword and altered James mind of the name of his sword(he thinks it is a just a normal sword albeit one that cant be destroyed) Though this curse is simpler to lift…all he has to do is call the blades name and it will return to its former self.(the only way james will remember is if someone points out that his memory’s have been tampered with and the magic binding lifted)

now with the binding on Jame has been lifted Appolyesties can once again speak with her master. it is revealed that she had given her life and soul to create the blade she now inhabits for the purpose of defeating a great evil with the minion war looming her purpose is clear..but can she bring James back from the cliff he stands upon…

Real name: Tesephone. a fury who was invoked by james mother if he gets out of line. by her own words tesepohne should have slayed james when he unknowing let 3 people of his blood die becuase of his arrogance. but she still has faith in the young semigod of last resorts and has allowed him to live..for now..
apple in human form



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