Conan (Rune Sword)

weapon (melee)

Conan the Barbarian is a 2 handed sword hailing from the Germanic Gigantic Zweihander family of blades.

Alignment: Unprincipled.

IQ: 12

Damage: 4d6x10

Composition: carbon steel, gray and chrome with red etching and runes that glow deep crimson and imbues the wielder with a sense of confidence and a desire for violence. This weapon’s markings are ancient and unlike any other Runes of the Present. The Runes on his blade are more akin to the runes on the greatest rune artifacts in an ancient precursor or proto-rune type of Sigil or Glyph.

Abilities: Crom whispers in your ear, “crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women” just before a fight breaks out and forces the wielder to save versus magic at 14 (roll once each additional melee round when initiative is rolled). If a successful save is made the wielder does not go “BERSERK.” When Conan’s target dies another save must be made for “BERSERK.” — if at any time the wielder of Conan has failed TWO or more BERSERK SAVING THROWS in a row he enters BLOODLUST (see below).

BERSERK: Immune to MC / Possession, immune to empathic transmission, hypnotic suggestion, and mind-affecting psionic abilities including bio-manipulate. Temporary insanity: cannot distinguish friend from foe, will continue attacking the NEXT NEAREST combatant when current target is dead until all enemies are dead. Will not STOP attacking until target is, in fact, slain (or he thinks it is). Wielder gains a protective extra 100 M.D.C. and can be injured down to negative 100 M.D.C.

BLOODLUST: all attacks are considered aggravated critical damage, multiply BASE damage x 2 (add SN PS AFTER damage calculation). Temporary insanity: in addition to the BERSERK insanity, Conan’s wielder is a nearly unstoppable juggernaut of battle-fury. He literally cannot be deterred from attacking and slaying everything in his vicinity until nothing remains alive. If no enemies are left alive a save must be made at the END of the combat round to determine if he is able to snap out of the BLOODLUST.

Penalties: When Conan’s wielder calms down and comes out of a berserk or bloodlusted berserk the mystical extra 100 MDC is removed from whatever MDC the wielder had left. If this MDC would bring the wielder below 0 MDC an immediate save vs coma / death must be made. A failed save means the wielder goes into a coma and needs immediate medical attention or will die within the next few minutes.

Attitude: Conan is a very jealous Alien Rune Weapon. He refuses to be wielded with any other weapons and will patiently refuse to fight if he is paired with another Rune Weapon. Crom is a dark, moody, foul and brooding god and Conan the Cimmerian has taken many of his father’s traits. Conan looks down on frailty and scoffs at the fragility of the human body. The alien weapon has inadvertently felled almost as many of his wielders as he has his / their enemies. Repeatedly allowing Conan to incapacitate its user has a cumulative -2% penalty to save vs Coma / Death.


“What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women”

Mysterious ancient rune sword recovered from the depths of the Dead Sea by McGreggor.

Conan (Rune Sword)

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