Crown of Thorns

Ancient Magical Crown


A golden crown which appears as a wreath of thorns. Upon physical contact with another being the soul/spirit of that being is pulled into the crown, becoming trapped. Any soul/spirit which was in the crown will be placed into the (now vacant) body of the being which made physical contact. This transfer is permanent.

For unknown reasons sometimes the magic of the crown will only suppress the host being’s will through posession, and will not transfer the spirits.


Tiamat, after having read and interpreted the dreams of the slumbering god Apsu, determined that a magical item must be made to stop the being currently known only as “The Naked Man.” Mummuu was commissioned by Tiamat to make such a magical device. He used his contacts with the Splugorth to learn just enough rune magic to construct this crown, though his knowledge was dangerously incomplete.

Mummuu’s allegiance had since swayed from his dark pantheon to the Splugorth and back, selfishly, to himself. Since Mummuu is currently imprisoned on Earth by the Babylonian god of magic, Enki, the arrival of Apocalypse Demons was not a welcome event to the god Mummuu. Those harbringers of entropy work tirelessly to bring about an apocalypse wherever they are. These “Chaos Demons” and their leaders, “Apocalypse Demons,” are not bound by the same rules as regular demons or deevils – when defeated, they can reincarnate endlessly. Mummuu decided to try and imprison an Apocalypse Demon in this crown he had made, rather than imprisoning “The Naked Man,” thus preventing the Apocalypse Demons’s plans from succeeding.

Through an unknown series of events a different spirit came to be trapped within the crown in the Throne Room, and it was this spirit set free upon the world in the form of the woman who was used as the sacrifice to power the Throne Room prison. The spirit currently residing within the crown has not revealed who she is or was as of yet.

Crown of Thorns

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