Dragon Rod

Greatest Rune Weapon

weapon (ranged)

This weapon is truly unique because it resembles a gun with a dragon’s
neck and head for the barrel However, it has no moving parts and is
entirely empowered by rune magic

Possesses the eight standard abilities:
- IQ 14
- Communicate through telepathy
-Totally indestructible
- Made of blue-gray metal
- Lined from tip to handle with glowing runes
- Link to owner within 6 months,
- Sense presence of owner within 4mile radius
- +1 to all saving throws,
- alignment: Abberant
- Spell magic: cast these spells 3x each/24hrs: Circle of Flame, Fly, Magic Pigeon, Metamorphosis: Human and Animal. Equal to a 12th level sorcerer.

The weapon can shoot from its mouth a variety of energy magic attacks.
- RoF: equal to H2H attacks
Energy Bolt: 4d6MD 1000ft,
Fire Ball: 2d4x10+16, range 1500ft,
Lightning Blast: 4d4x10 range 2000ft,
carpet of adhesion equal to 12th lvl sorcerer.
Wind Rush 2d4MD (plus the effects of the spell — range doubled),
weapon does 4d6MD as a blunt weapon.


In this particular case the Dragon Rod’s personality is zealous in the pursuit of its desire; it longs to “cleanse” the world of sin and interprets evil with black and white disparity. The essence / consciousness trapped inside this weapon was a holy man — he was actually akin to a Shiite Cleric — one of the highest disciples of his god. His ultimate display of loyalty was the sacrifice of his life that this weapon be born to do his god’s bidding — an extension of the god’s will. When it spoke to you, the intelligence behind the voice was eager…excited and riled up to spread the “word.”

Dragon Rod

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