Dragon's Eye Crystal


This strange gemstone resembles a giant, glassy, petrified cat’s eye (or more to the point, a dragon’s eye) and gives its wielder the power to see through magical metamorphosis. Thus, someone in possession of this gem can, just by holding the stone, recognize a dragon, were-beast, demon or supernatural shape changer regardless of what form it has taken through magic or its own natural abilities. Furthermore, the gem gives its owner a bonus of +2 to save vs magical illusions.

Range: Must be touching/holding the Dragon’s Eye to draw upon its power.

Duration: Indefinite, as long as the gem is being held it is in use.

Market Price: Five to ten million credits; very rare and coveted.


Exactly where this item hails from is unclear. Some say it comes from China, others Atlantis and that it is really a small Eye of Eylor, while others claim it comes from another dimension. Whatever the source, they are rare and highly sought after.

Dragon's Eye Crystal

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