Eye-Gouge the Obfuscator

Rune Dagger

weapon (melee)

Eye-Gouge the Obfuscator is a braggart, full of bravado and braggadocio. He loves to crow and gloat and mercilessly stab people in the back. His dagger blade is a dark and tarnished burnished metal that looks rusted and wicked. Runes glow a lustrous russet color along the blade and the hilt is made of weathered, torn leather. He has an assassin’s personality and is always ready for a fight – when it’s in HIS FAVOR.

IQ: 14
Alignment: Anarchist

DAMAGE (special, see below – all spell effects require a save vs. 13)

  • When striking an opponent head-on: 6D6 M.D. + SNPS of wielder. Automatically casts the spell Blind.
  • If this attack is rolled as a critical strike, the damage is doubled (6D6×2 M.D.) and the dagger casts the spell Wisps of Confusion, equal to a 6th level Ley Line Walker.
  • When striking an opponent from behind: 6D6×6 + SNPS of wielder. This attack is always considered to be a critical strike, regardless of roll. Automatically casts the spell Negate Magic.
  • If this attack is rolled as a critical strike, the damage is doubled (6D6×12 M.D.)
  • Whenever a Natural 20 is rolled to strike, whether from the front or back: The total damage for the strike, including the P.S. bonus, is doubled. Automatically casts the spell Multiple Image on the wielder.

“There’s nothing quite like gloating in triplicate!”


This strange Rune Dagger was discovered amongst the piles of treasure located in the bottom room of the Tower of Babel. Currently in the possession of Trent Logan, who is looking to give it a good home.

Eye-Gouge the Obfuscator

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