"Father" (Master) Amulet

Magical Amulet


The wearer of this amulet is able to use the following powers at will, as often as desired. These abilities can only be used on the two “subordinate” amulets which are linked to it, and their current wearers.

  • Mind Bond (Super Psionic power)
  • Mind Wipe (Super Psionic power)
  • Locate (Magic invocation, 10th level effect)

This amulet is currently magically linked to Trent Logan through the use of the “Attune Object to Owner” spell.


Engraved with the following phrase:

“Father – The beginning of all things. Beholden to him and must obey.”

This amulet is part of a set, seemingly designed to be the “master” which will locate, read and collect the information collected by the “subordinate” amulets. It was found in the hands of a near-death Coalition grunt in Tolkeen, and is known to have last belonged to a Demon Brek-Shall (who was found dead near the unfortunate grunt). An object read revealed it appeared to have been given to the Demon by an unknown person, possibly a scientist or techno-wizard. It is suspected that it initially belonged to an Archfiend Deevil named Baaz.

"Father" (Master) Amulet

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