Fractal Staff of Time Dilation & Spacial Distortion

Incomplete (Fractal) Rune Staff of Time

weapon (melee)

The Fractal Staff of Time Dilation and Spacial Distortion is a rune weapon which has had many fragments/pieces broken off and scattered throughout time, making it “fractal.” It is a rarity among rune items as it houses an elemental essence – A Temporal Elemental which gave its life and raw power to a great cause, once, and now lives on inside this item… and in the memories of an eternal mind. The staff is gray in color with swirls of black and white marble that run the length of the shaft. There are black and white runes embedded in the opposite color marble that glow gray. Like all rune weapons, the staff is indestructible.

Note: This may be Chronophage Chainer, Dementia Master, a great rune item mentioned in the ancient Dwarven manifest.

I.Q.: 8
Alignment: Anarchist
Damage: 1D4×10 M.D. + SNPS

Additional Abilities:

  • Elemental Time flows freely within and around the user of this item. It manifests as a bubble of time-dilation which allows the wielder to create his own pocket of time. This effectively distances the wielder from any temporal anomalies or effects. This grants those within the bubble immunity to time altering or temporal effects, and also provides a +4 to dodge as long as it is held and the temporal bubble is on.
  • Along the inset of the staff is a place where a necklace of beads could be inserted and interlocked – a perfect fit. If this were to occur the wielder of the staff would enjoy the normal benefits granted by these beads while holding the staff. Additionally, while interlocked into the staff, the wielder would be able to move both forward AND backward in his own personal time and space. This means the user can time travel both with the flow of time and against the flow of time, ignoring any temporal whorls, eddies, twists, and even temporal paradoxes.
  • A gem exists which is similar, but bigger than a Dragon’s Eye gem. It appeared as if it would fit within this staff. The gem grants the holder the ability to see through illusions, though it likely has other abilities as well. It is unknown what additional effect, if any, would be granted by inserting this gem into the staff.
  • There is a pendant which will fit into the staff and provides the staff wielder the abilities of the pendant at an enhanced level, which include:
    • Speed Up Self
    • Split-Second Acceleration
    • Accelerate Thrown Weapons
    • Warning Glimpses about the Future

This staff was hidden as a reward to be found at the end of a dimensional maze/puzzle found in ancient Hyrcania. It appears that this staff was purposely left there for Trent Logan to find, and seems to have been left there by his Future/Alternate self.

Fractal staff

Fractal Staff of Time Dilation & Spacial Distortion

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