Rune Weapon

weapon (melee)

Grimoire, the Vagrant Theologian


Grimoire is a vajra, a mystic tool designed for holding PPE and varios spell powers. A Vajra has a simple handgrip and series of curved tines protruding from either end. The number of tines on both ends of the tool are identical. Grimoire is a three-point vajra. That means that on either end of the rune device are five tines, each a magnifier and holder of magical energy. Grimoire is a Greatest Rune Weapon.

Damage 5D6

Powers: All the common rune powers plus the following:

The device can store up to 100 PPE for its owner to tap. This PPE regenerates at a rate of three per hour. If the user wants he can channel his own PPE into the device for later use.

The owner can also store up to three spells in the device. This is done by casting the spell into the device. The spell is held in the vajra until such time that the user wishes to use it again. At that point the user can release the spell from Grimoire at no additional PPE cost (counts as one melee action / attack).

Upon mental command from Grimoire’s owner, a glowing blade of magical energy will project from one of the vajra’s ends similar to a psi-sword. To do this costs 30 PPE from either the user or Grimoire’s personal PPE. Blade is +2 to strike and parry and lasts for 10 minutes per level of user.

Personality: Grimoire is fairly unobtrusive. He is content to passively observe its own use without objection or comment. He has seen much of the world and other dimensions and has much knowledge. He will not impart any of his considerable wisdom unless specifically asked by his owner since he feels to volunteer information unsolicited is RUDE.

Alignment: Unprincipled. Grimoire doesn’t particularly care who handles him.

Arcane, Scholar of the Heavens



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