Lytsong, The Redeemer

Godslayer Rune Broadsword

weapon (melee)

Lytsong, The Redeemer

Type: Broadsword
Alignment: Unprincipled

Damage: 2D4×10 M.D. (this damage is doubled against Deevils and Demons)


  • + 2 to strike, parry and dodge when using the sword.
  • All the standard features common to all Rune weapons (includes a + 1 to all saving throws).
  • Last Line: Lytsong can manifest an invisible M.D.C. aura around its owner. It provides 50 M.D.C., and regenerates 5 M.D.C. per hour or all M.D.C. after 8 hours of rest. This field is not environmental.
  • Clerical Abilities: Healing Touch (called “Lay on…” heals 1D4×10 H.P., S.D.C. or M.D.C. as appropriate to the target) six times a day; chance to turn 1D4×10 dead 01-70% six times a day; Double damage to Deevils and Demons.
  • Six Air Elemental spells can be cast per day: Call Lightning (1D6×10 Mega-Damage), Dissipate Gasses, Breath of Life (76% chance to resurrect), and Invisible Wall. All are at 6th level strength.

If she is talked to kindly she’ll candidly tell her owner all of her abilities, including the curse. The spirit in the sword is a Dwarven woman. She will not reveal her true name, lore, or history until some time has passed and her owner earns her trust. She was abused in the past by her own kinsmen so she is reluctant to outright trust someone right away. She is very knowledgeable of the world and other dimensions. Her knowledge is on par with that of the Rune varja Grimoire, the Vagrant Theologian.

The sword has the Curse of Rags (a worse version than normal) to keep the owner humble. Rags causes clothing and armor (including magical) to deteriorate. Clothes that is worn or are carried by the victim become tattered rags within a week, armor loses 20 S.D.C./M.D.C. a day until useless (magic armor, including T.W. enhanced armor, loses two points per day), and other items on the person, such as belts, straps, pouches, snap or break within the same period.



Like all rune items, there is a unique history to this item and the soul within. The soul within Lytsong is a Dwarven woman, which is exceptionally rare! However, Lytsong has been abused in the past and is very reluctant to extend her trust to anyone. As such, much of her history is unknown. Due to the curse, very few people hold on to her long enough to gain that trust and learn her story. This is a fact of her existence which has deeply saddened her.

When asked about her curse and how to deal with it, after promising not to discard or throw her away, she replied thusly:

She sniffles, “In the past, when I was cared for and wielded by a true bastion of goodness – a power among the gods to help the hopeless and to save mankind from the destruction wrought by magic…” She takes a breath, “Well, I was wielded by a young woman named Hanali Celanil. She was an Elf of the Seldarine and she embraced me with this curse – she bridged the gap betwixt Elf and Dwarf and together… together we were sisters in divinity!” The overwhelming jubilation in her voice is infectious. “There is much good I can do! Oh, but I do believe the prospects have distracted me.” She hmmms. “Ah yes, Hanali was an elf and she wore a magical robe – it was a special robe that somehow was unaffected by this treacherous curse the Dwarven Headmaster and Wizards’ Rune Smithy bequeathed to me. She would wear it as an undergarment – snug against her lithe bodice and, so long as her flesh held that robe – she could live with impunity. From that day forth I never left her side. It was a wonderous robe… a dark robe of black silk and velvet – so soft to the touch and hemmed with beautiful golden inlays and runes and scintilla as if reflectant of the very cosmos!” Lytsong sighs. “My new friend, should we see such a robe I will do all in my power to enable it to come into your possession.”

She was found amongst a cache of rune weapons in an area sealed to prevent the removal of said weapons. Like the rest of the weapons, she yearned for a wielder to take her from this place and put her to use in the world. “Good” weapons were discovered to be able to leave if bonded to a wielder but for some reason Lytsong still could not leave. It is theorized that since she is Unprincipled, she was not considered “good” enough to be able to leave, but there may have been another reason tied to her history which has not been revealed yet. She was only was able to leave with Trent Logan after he accidentally broke time and space, causing the entire temple to be sucked into the dimensional void and incidentally negating the barrier which trapped her within.

Dwarf female full
Lytsong’s original Dwarven form

Lytsong, The Redeemer

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