Magic Weapon Ring

Magical Transmutation Ring

weapon (melee)

This is just a plain gold band that can turn into a pre-programmed weapon upon a thought, when the wearer expends the P.P.E. to do so. This magical weapon this ring shifts into can either inflict S.D.C. or M.D.C., depending on the amount of P.P.E. spent. When the user is done it turns back into a ring with a thought, back on to the finger from which it originated. This ring is currently attuned to and in the possession of Trent Logan.

P.P.E. Cost: 5 P.P.E. for a weapon which inflicts S.D.C. damage, and 20 P.P.E. for a weapon which inflicts M.D.C. damage.
Duration: 10 minutes.
Damage: 6D6


This ring was discovered among the dead refugees which were slaughtered by a pair of Deevil Assassins in a Tolkeen library, shortly after the fall of Tolkeen. Nothing is known of its history. When activated this ring transforms into a Scythe.


Magic Weapon Ring

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