"Mother" (Subordinate) Amulet

Magical Amulet


The wearer of this amulet is able to use the following powers at will, as often and for as long as desired.

  • Mask I.S.P. (Psionic power)
  • Mask P.P.E. (Psionic power)
  • Alter Aura (Psionic power)
  • Total Recall (Psionic power)
  • Metamorphesis: Superior (Magic invocation)

While worn all experiences and memories of the user are recorded within the amulet, and can be retrieved either through the Total Recall Psioinic power of the amulet, or through the Mind Bond Super Psionic power from the Master amulet.

This amulet is currently magically linked to Trent Logan through the use of the “Attune Object to Owner” spell.


Engraved with the following phrase:

“Mother – Mother is the word for god on the lips and hearts of children.”

This amulet is part of a set, seemingly designed for infiltration and information-gathering. It was found on the unconscious body of a Deevil magically metamorphosed into the form of an adult woman. When found it contained eight month’s worth of memories detailing the subterfuge which the Deevil had been engaged in. The Archfiend Deevil named Baaz appears early in the sequence of memories as the one giving orders to the previous wearer. Those memories also contain details of Tolkeen and Coalition locations of interest. This amulet is one of two near-identical “Subordinate” amulets which are linked to the “Master.”

"Mother" (Subordinate) Amulet

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