Psislick Silk Tuxedo


This is a very well made, fancy, custom-tailored suit created specifically for Trent Logan using a rare, expensive cloth imported from Phase World.

The suit has the following properties:

  • The suit is a perfect fit. The fabric feels liquid; it hugs the wearer’s body and clings to him.
  • The suit provides a bonus of +10% to the Swimming skill (why would you swim in such a nice suit?)
  • It provides a bonus of +2 to P.P. when worn
  • It is resistant to the effects of the “Rags” curse and deteriorates at only half the usual rate
  • This suit is the height of fashion and makes the wearer look good!

There may be other properties of this suit as well that are currently unknown and unrevealed.


This suit was custom-tailored Trent Logan at a tailor shop in Lazlo called Tawny’s Tailored PurSuits. The Octoman tailor who made it called it the “Finest suit he’s ever made.” The tailor would not divulge to Trent who paid for the suit but revealed that it cost over 900,000 universal trade credits to order.

The material the suit is made from came from Phase World, but it originates from the silk-like substance of an underwater worm creature. This substance is very difficult to acquire. Only the enslaved natives of the planet the worm is found on can harvest this marvelous substance.

When Trent received the suit, he discovered a dimensional pocket in the breast pocket – he has since negated it and replaced it with his own.

Psislick Silk Tuxedo

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