Talismen Made by Trent


An inventory/list of all the Talismen that Trent Logan has made and keeps on himself. Most of these talismen were made out of metal jewelry tags that Trent paid to have etched with special designs in order to identify them by feel, but there are also some made out of regular jewelry. Each talisman has three charges, and can only be recharged by Trent Logan or an Alchemist. The spells in all these talismen are cast at level 12. Only the 8 talismen on the keyring and the PPE Talismen are attuned to Trent.

The following eight talismen are always kept easily accessible on a large key-ring and are currently in Trent’s possession:

  • Wink-Out
    Dashed outline of a man with lines radiating from it
  • Time Slip
    Two clocks showing time seven seconds apart, superimposed but slightly askew from each other
  • Dispel Magic Barriers
    A wall slowly dissolving from the bottom up
  • Negate Magic
    Magic circle with a large “x” superimposed over it
  • Mystic Invisibility
    Triangle of three eyes, with an “x” over the third eye
  • Fighting Spirit
    Pair of boxing gloves
  • Ghost
    Classic “ghost” – sheet with eye holes
  • Invincible Armor
    Suit of plate armor

These four talismen are created out of different colored dollar coin sized glass gems and are in Zander’s possession:
Talismen glass gems

  • Sharp Eyes
    Clear glass gem
  • See Wards
    Red glass gem
  • Retro-Viewing
    Light blue glass gem
  • See Dimensional Anomaly
    Green glass gem

The following talismen are also created out of metal jewelry tags and are in Zander’s possession:

  • Armor of Ithan
    Transparent (dashed lines) suit of plate armor
  • Shockwave
    A wave of earth radiating in a circle from a center point
  • Tongues
    The head of a Rulian Translator
  • Magical-Adrenal Rush
    Muscled man w/ juicer harness flexing
  • Sorcerous Fury
    Screaming, robed figure radiating lightning
  • Globe of Silence
    A speaker icon with an “x” through it

The following talismen are made out of the jewelry noted and are in Zander’s possession:

  • Invulnerability
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Mystic Invisibility
    Lapel pin
    Bracelet   ring
  • Magical-Adrenal Rush
  • Impervious to Energy
  • Armor of Ithan
  • Telekinesis
  • 6 × P.P.E. Storage 30 P.P.E. each (This one is in Trent’s possession)
    Bracelet w/ six Onyx stones
  • 3 × Negate Magic
    Assorted Jewelry
  • 3 × Dispel Magic Barriers
    Assorted Jewelry

With untainted magical energy (P.P.E.) being such a rare commodity, Trent Logan has made sure to create and keep talismen handy in order to expand his spell-casting abilities. He has traded much sanity in his quest to make these items and while he has gotten back most of that sanity, he has not gotten it all back yet.

Trent will sometimes provide these talismen to other members of the group on a temporary basis, though some of them tend to conveniently forget that such an item was presented to them only as a temporary loan.

Talismen Made by Trent

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