Techno-Wizard Aegis of Protection

Experimental Techno-Wizardry Enhanced Shield


An elaborate-looking shield which at first glance appears to be better suited to decoration than serious use, but upon closer inspection it is revealed to be sturdily built, with several gems recessed within it and it gives off a magical aura. Due to its magical nature it not only holds up better than any regular shield, it also offers several abilities to the shield bearer upon the expenditure of P.P.E.

Bonus to Parry: + 1
M.D.C.: 60. The shield normally does not take damage from attacks it blocks or parries, unless used to block or parry energy blasts or explosions, and even then only takes one-quarter (25%) of the damage. It also can be damaged when an opponent deliberately targets it with the intention of destroying or chopping through the shield. It is theorized that a “Magic Shield” spell and 60 P.P.E. would restore the item to its full 60 M.D.C. This theory has not been tested yet.

All the abilities listed below function at level 8 strength/ability and apply to the shield and its wielder.
5 P.P.E.: Impervious to Fire (same as the spell)
5 P.P.E.: Impervious to Cold (basically the same as the Impervious to Fire spell, except versus cold)
5 P.P.E.: Impervious to Poison (same as the spell)
5 P.P.E.: Chromatic Protection (same as the spell)
15 P.P.E.: Invulnerability (same as the spell)


Very little is known about this item as it appears (to Trent Logan‘s knowledge) to be one-of-a-kind. It is theorized that the Techno-Wizard who created it did so at the behest of someone who found themselves in melee weapon combat frequently during the Coalition’s siege of the Kingdom of Tolkeen – possibly a Cyber-Knight, Combat Mage or Mystic Knight. Whether the shield was unable to ultimately protect its bearer, or if it was stolen or sold is unclear. But somehow it ended up in the hands of a group of scientists in a mysterious hatch who experimented, documented and cataloged its abilities, along with many other techno-wizard items. This shield was one of the several items taken from that place by Trent as they made their escape. Once Trent understood its properties better he gave it to the demigod James to help protect him.

This shield was destroyed by Clymestra in her fight against James in New Sea.

Techno-Wizard Aegis of Protection

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