Techno-Wizard Armor of Infinite Illusions

Experimental Techno-Wizardry Enhanced Leather Armor


A suit of enchanted leather armor recessed with gems, strategically reinforced with metallic plating and studs. Its several magical features are activated by mental command. All are usable only three times per day each, and function at 8th level proficiency. Currently this suit of armor is worn by James.

Armor M.D.C.: 125

Magically alter size and shape: This armor will magically change shape and size to match it’s wearer’s metamorphosis or transformations. This ability is always in effect.
Armor Bizarre: Provides 120 M.D.C., a Horror Factor of 13 which must be saved against every melee, and opponents suffer -1 to initiative. Duration is 8 minutes.
Chameleon: Wearer is 90% undetectable if unmoving, 70% undetectable if moving 2 feet per melee or slower, 20% undetectable if moving 6 feet per melee round, totally visible if moving any faster. Duration is 34 minutes.
Reduce Self: Shrinks wearer and possessions to six inches tall. Duration is 18 minutes.
Metamorphosis: Mist: The wearer turns into mist; speed is 14, hover up to 100 feet high, prowl skill of 80%, completely silent, cannot communicate or cast magic, and is semi-transparent. Duration is 2 hours, 40 minutes.
Metamorphosis: Canine: The wearer turns into any form of canine/wolf. Speed is 35 mph. Vision is 10 times better than a normal human’s. Nightvision 600 feet. Track by smell 70% (80% if following a blood trail). Identify person by scent by 48% chance. Natural prowl 79%, climb 35%, and swim 50%. + 2 to save vs poison and disease. Duration is 2 hours, 40 minutes.
Giant: The wearer grows 10 feet taller and ripples with muscle. H.P. and S.D.C. are increased ×3 and become M.D.C. (If already an M.D.C. being, then M.D.C. is increased ×2). P.S. is increased by 50% and becomes supernatural. Bio-regenerate 2D6 M.D.C. per melee. + 1 attack per melee, + 1 strike/parry, + 1,000 lbs weight, Speed -20%. -3 to dodge. Duration is 2 minutes.


Very little is known about the creator or creators of this magical suit of experimental armor. It appears to have been created through Techno-Wizardry, but its abilities function more like an Alchemist’s traditional magical items. This armor does not regenerate damage and suppossedly it will transform the wearer at random occasionally.

Techno-Wizard Armor of Infinite Illusions

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