Techno-Wizard Chainsaw

Magical Melee Weapon and Multi-Purpose Tool

weapon (melee)

Inspired by the Juicer Chainsaw, the Techno-Wizard chainsaw does mega-damage without fear of breaking, using magic as its power source. It is a heavy, unwieldy monster of a machine that resembles a large, conventional chainsaw. It is better suited as a tool than for combat, but those with a P.S. of 30 or higher find the device to be worthwhile despite its weight and clumsiness.

Those with a normal P.S. below 30 are -4 to strike and -6 to parry with this weapon. Moreover, any missed roll “to hit” has a 01-25% chance of accidentally hitting the user or someone or something nearby with the blade! More than one foolish user has sawed himself to death this way. When magically activated, the TW Chainsaw produces an unnervingly loud sound that makes the weapon wholly unsuitable for stealth, but also produces a Horror Factor of 12. Any enemy who meets a TW Chainsaw wielder at 10 feet (3 m) or less must save vs that Horror Factor or be momentarily paralyzed with fear. Likewise, the first time one is hit by a TW Chainsaw, the wounds produced are so gruesome that the victim must save against a Horror Factor of 12 or again be stunned by shock.

Mega-Damage: 1D4 × 10 M.D. per strike.
P.P.E. Cost to Activate: 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.
Duration of Activation: Three minutes (12 melee rounds).
Horror Factor (Magical): 12 when within ten feet of the active weapon, and another H.F. of 12 for the first wound inflicted.


This weapon was discovered amongst the remains of the slaughtered Tolkeenites who sought refuge in the Third Great Library. Although fully functional, it was not enough to allow its previous owner or friends to survive. Currently this weapon is magically attuned to Trent Logan, and is in his possession.

In addition to use as a cutting “weapon,” it is ideal for cutting through Mega-Damage chains, doors, computer servers, Sowki faces and fortifications.

Techno-Wizard Chainsaw

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