Techno-Wizard Escape Gloves

Techno-Wizardry enhanced gloves


The Techno-Wizard Escape Gloves are mechanical looking gloves with picks, keys and wires that slide our of housings along the fingers to perform various Rogue skills. These gloves also enable the user to cast the Escape spell for 8 P.P.E., allowing him to magically escape any bonds, or open any locking mechanism that bars his way. This includes being ties with rope, handcuffs, prison cells, doors, trunks, locks, strait jackets, etc. One restraint or lock can be undone per each invocation (one per melee round is possible).

Skills: Pick Locks 90%, Palming 80%, Rope Works 70%, Safe Cracking 60%
Magic: Escape

Range: Self/Touch
Duration: The skills and capabilities built into the magic gloves are available constantly. The Escape spell effects are comparatively instant, usually managing an escape within one melee round (15 seconds) or faster.
P.P.E. Cost: Eight points for each Escape spell. The magic induced skills and tools in the gloves are always on.


These gloves were found by Trent Logan while exploring the Third Great Tolkeen Library. Their history is unknown.

Techno-Wizard Escape Gloves

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