Techno-Wizard Hellfire Shotgun (Advanced)

Techno-Wizardry enhanced shotgun

weapon (ranged)

This is not your mother’s Hellfire shotgun. This weapon is a true power house – it has a big spread and packs a meaner punch the closer your target is.

Mega-Damage: 4D4×10 to one target within 10 feet (but is -3 to strike); 3D4×10 to up to three targets within 25 feet and in a 3 foot cone (but is -2 to strike); 2D4×10 to up to five targets within 50 feet and a 6 foot cone (but is -1 to strike); 1D4×10 to all targets (no limit) within 100 feet and a 12 foot cone (no negatives to strike); 1D4×8 up to 200 feet to all targets within the cone of effect; and 1D4×2 for the remainder of the range.

Effective Range: 300 feet

Duration of Charge: Uses P.P.E. clips, each clip provides 10 shots and requires 25 P.P.E. or 50 I.S.P. to recharge.

Rate of Fire: Single shots only.

WP for use: WP:Shotgun

Prototype notes
This weapon is a prototype, not a finished model. As such it has two notable issues that only become apparent through use:

  1. The damage decreases as the range and spread increases – this is noted in the Mega-Damage description.
  1. Every time the weapon is fired there is a 70% chance of the shooter losing their balance (maintain balance rolls apply). The strength of the user does nothing to mitigate this effect – it is only offset by physical mass. If the shooter isn’t standing with their feet planted firmly on the ground they suffer the effects of brute blunt FORCE with the power of a small truck and are sent flying away depending on their physical weight. If the shooter is 500 lbs or more the chance of knockdown is only 35%; If the shooter is 1000 lbs or more there is no chance for one to lose their balance.

One day some random Techno-Wizard in the Fallen Kingdom of Tolkeen took a look at the “standard” Techno-Wizard Hellfire Shotgun and said to themself, “I can make that better!” Then they proceeded to do exactly that. Even though it knocks the user on his ass with almost every each shot, it packs an unrivaled wallop that puts the original weapon to shame.

Techno-Wizard Hellfire Shotgun (Advanced)

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