Techno-Wizard Reading Glasses


A pair of glasses with small antennae protruding from tiny gizmos attached to each temple (earpiece) of the frames, near the lenses. When activated and worn like normal glasses, the user can read most languages he sees. More precisely, the tiny TW device interprets the words from the page of a book, street sign, etc. and projects them onto the lenses of the glasses in American. Thus, the user of this device must be literate in American. The spectacles do not grant the ability to speak or understand spoken languages. Note: Certain alien languages may not be readable, and the user’s Literacy skill must be 50% or better to use this item.

Duration: One hour per activation

P.P.E. Cost to Charge Item: 10 P.P.E. or 20 I.S.P.


Techno-Wizard Reading Glasses

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