The heirlooms of Stan & Steve

Family Crested Swords

weapon (melee)

Mass Impact Swords of Doom
Weight per: 10LBS / MDC of each: 100 – regenerate 6D6 per hour
Damage: 5D6
No bonuses.. Simply heirlooms of his family.

What would seem to be bone and a film of organic material, these swords were fashioned by Splicer engineers for elite Dreadguard to battle the MDC machines. The bottom of the handles are fashioned with Steve’s family crest.


The first of his family’s heirlooms, Steve’s father, Stan’s sword. This sword has cut down hundreds of machines in the continued conflict with the machines.

Second, Steve’s sword, which his father had fashioned for Steve when he came of age. This weapon is still new to the troubles of battle and has only been used in true combat once when Steve was 16.. However he yearns for the continued use of it as he honors his house and family with Oil..
you know, since machines don’t have blood.

The heirlooms of Stan & Steve

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