The Lobotomizer

Mysterious Rune Knife/Dagger

weapon (melee)

The Lobotomizer is an astral rune blade. It inflicts phantasmal wounds that can only be seen, treated, and healed with the third-eye (mind’s eye). As such this weapon inflicts damage direct to the I.S.P. pool of its target/victim. When the I.S.P. is reduced to zero or below immediately make a save versus coma/death. The act of being forcefully depleted of one’s I.S.P. is traumatic and akin to having your mind raped. This dagger cannot physically inflict any damage or cause any physical harm to non-astral beings. Against ghosts and astral travelers the weapon inflicts normal damage first to I.S.P and then to M.D.C. or H.P.. The Lobotomizer will bypass all physical and mystical means of protection (MDC armor, metal, armor of ithan, etc.). Psychic body-field is effective as are “Out-Of-Phase” fields. Regular force fields, telekinetic force field, and similar shields are completely bypassed.

IQ: 27
Alignment: Diabolical
Damage: 1d4x10 I.S.P.

When in use the scalpel projects a holographic version of itself that extends outward invisible to the naked eye and undetectable by any means; it emits no sound, radiates no heat, and exists only with an anchor on the plane of its wielder (cannot leave its owner’s hand or it will disappear into the astral dimensions – see below). Anyone who can sense psionics or see astral beings will see a ghostly blade that glows deep crimson.

Wielding the Lobotomizer adds 20% to ALL medical skill rolls (first aid, paramedic, medical doctor, etc.). It also enables the wielder to perform psychic diagnosis and psychic surgery at +20%, without expending any personal I.S.P., and without first entering a meditative trance. The Lobotomizer, however, is NOT a dentist. Any surgeries done to the affect of periodontics, dentistry, or orthodontics will be done with disdain and patent disregard for patient well-being, ethical medical practice, and the Hippocratic oath.

Psychological maladies may be treated through the use of a psychic diagnosis, telepathic probe, and meditation. When performing a psychic psychological surgery the blade can attempt to remove things like neural disorders, brain malfunction, and insanities (neuroses, psychoses, frenzies, multiple personalities, and even homosexuality). Roll a percentile for a successful diagnosis and apply Psychology/Medical Doctor bonuses. Use the following table to determine the outcome:

01% – 05% Complete success! All psychological maladies are permanently removed.
06% – 20% Success! Permanently remove 1d4 psychological maladies (roll at random).
21% – 40% Partial Success! Permanently remove 1 psychological malady (roll at random).
41% – 60% Ouch! That Smarts! Ever played the game “Operation?” well the buzzer has gone off! Temporarily remove 1d4 psychological maladies, 1 skill, 1 spell, and 1 psionic power. All of these will return within 1d4 weeks.
61% – 80% Malpractice! Time for a lawsuit! Temporarily remove 1d6 skills, 1d6 spells, and 1d6 psionic powers. All of these will return within 1d6 weeks.
81% – 95% You just got MIND-fucked! It’s time for a lawsuit! You suffer from a temporary mind-wipe and lose all but 1d4 essential skills, spells, and psionics. You also temporarily lose all but your most personal, intrinsic memories, and personality traits.
96% – 00% LOBOTOMIZED!?!? Fuck that goddamn asshole Brent for even allowing this to occur in his shitty campaign. Permanent brain damage – requires GM side-bar for character salvage. Clearly, Brent is only afraid of two things in this entire world: Retarded people and microwaves.

Astral tether – The Lobotomizer is ectoplasmically tethered to its current owner through a psionic/astral leash. The scalpel exists in an UNSTABLE state of astral projection and can be lost if this leash is severed. When this happens the wielder must enter the astral plane to retrieve the weapon…if possible.

Clarice Starling: If you didn’t kill him, then who did, sir?
Hannibal Lecter: Who can say? Best thing for him, really. His therapy was going nowhere.

Hannibal Lecter: " You see, the brain itself feels no pain if that concerns you, Clarice. "


The dagger known as the Lobotomizer was once the prized possession of the famous 20th century plastic surgeon, Hannibal Lektor. The Lobotomizer looks less like a dagger and more like an overlong scalpel with deep crimson runes embedded into the blade. It has no hilt to speak of but appears to be smelted / forged out of one solid piece of golden metal. It glows faintly crimson and has all the standard abilities of a major rune weapon.

No one knows the human brain as well as the Lobotomizer. This enigmatic tool has studied, sliced, and devoured more brains (both human and alien) than the Pre-Catacylsm Yale University Medical Center. This oblong, over-sized scalpel sees itself not as an instrument of death but as a sculptor’s scalpel. The Lobotomizer prefers to be referred to as “Hannibal” and has the personality of an erudite medical examiner. His character is clinical, concise, and often-times abrupt. He has little interest in worldly matters but is proud of his psychological and medical expertise.

When the Lobotomizer fell into Doctor Lektor’s capable hands it turned from psychoanalytical 3-Axis neuroscience to psychotropic psychopathology and has been performing cosmeti-sadistic psycho-surgery in the phantasmagorical Axes for centuries.

How this weapon came into the possession of its current wielder is unknown.

The Lobotomizer

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