Techno-Wizard Meteor Uzi

Techno-Wizardry enhanced submachine gun

weapon (ranged)

A submachine gun with a deep-red ruby embedded within its barrel, a smoky quartz crystal on top behind the barrel, and a few other gems located along the gun and handle. It handles like a regular submachine gun except that it emits bolts of fiery energy (almost like little meteors, hence the name of the weapon) at a rapid-fire pace rather than bullets when charged with P.P.E. and fired. This weapon cannot shoot bullets of any kind, only its magical payload. Even when fully charged it is usable only by those who can normally use TW items.

Mega-Damage: 5D4 per single shot, but is usually fired in bursts. A typical short burst uses five shots and does 1D4×10, a typical medium burst uses 10 shots and does 2D4×10, and a typical long burst uses 20 shots and does 3D4×10 (see prototype notes, below).

Effective range: 500 feet (see prototype notes, below).

Duration of Charge: Holds 30 shots, requires 2 PPE or 4 ISP per shot (60 PPE or 120 ISP for a full clip).

Construction notes
Device level: 5
Construction time: 570 hours
P.P.E. required for construction: 1,140
Activation cost: 57 P.P.E. (rounded to 60 P.P.E.)
Required gems: A 2.5 carat deep-red ruby, another 1 carat deep-red ruby, a 1 carat smoky quartz crystal, a 1 carat opal, and a 1 carat red zircon
Black Market value (construction cost): 66,300 credits. Note that this is a prototype weapon, and as such its Black Market value is reflective of what a finished, final model would cost.
Primary Spell: Fire Ball (10)
Secondary Spells: Barrage (15), Fire Bolt (7), Sub-Particle Acceleration (20), Impervious to Fire (5).

Prototype notes
This weapon is a prototype, not a finished model. As such it has two notable issues that only become apparent through use:

  1. The rapid firing of the magical energy has a more negative effect on range than the original creator anticipated. Although the weapon’s range is 500 feet, the weapon becomes increasingly inaccurate the after the first 100 feet. Within 0-100 feet there is no penalty to hit. WIthin 101-200 feet the weapon is -2 to hit. Within 201-300 feet the weapon is -3 to hit. WIthin 301-400 feet the weapon is -4 to hit. Within 401-500 feet the weapon is -5 to hit.
  1. The Impervious to Fire ability did not “take” properly in the spell chains. For the gun to be fired safely, the user must purposely activate the Impervious to Fire ability (5 P.P.E. or 10 I.S.P., lasts for 25 minutes). Without activating that ability the weapon can safely fire up to 4 single shots within 5 minutes, but it will begin to overheat after the fifth single shot or if any bursts are fired. The first burst will make the gun painfully hot to hold (1D6 S.D.C. damage to the user), the second burst will make the gun glow red (1D6×10 S.D.C. damage to the user), and the third burst will see the gun glow white hot (1D6 mega-damage)! Any further weapon fire (burst or single shot) will cause the gun to melt into useless slag in the users hand (2D6 mega-damage). A medium burst counts as two bursts, while a long burst counts as three! Every 5 single shots within 5 minutes also counts as a short burst. It takes 5 minutes for the gun to cool down from each stage – for example, if three bursts had been fired, it will take 15 minutes for the gun to become cool to the touch again.

Like many Techno-Wizard items produced near the end of The Coalition’s seige on Tolkeen this gun was still in the prototype stage when it was released for use by desperate Tolkeen defenders. There were rumored to be a few dozen of these items created in total during the final months of the siege. There are also rumors of guns melting right in the hands of their users during those final months, which can be possibly attributed to this weapon’s greatest flaw – if the user does not purposely activate the built-in Impervious to Fire spell, the weapon will overheat and melt after only a few rapid-fire shots! It is unknown if the weapon’s originator survived the fall of Tolkeen, or even who he or she was. But without his knowledge or original notes it will be very difficult for another techno-wizard to reverse-engineer this weapon and remove the overheating or accuracy problems. It is unknown how many, or if any at all, of these guns survived the fall of Tolkeen.

Techno-Wizard Meteor Uzi

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