GodSlayer Ancient Rune Sword

weapon (melee)

Wyindstrom image

Wyndstrom – Ancient God Slayer Sword

Wyndstrom is a tool of vengeance. So long as you use him to right the wronged, to succor the weak, and to smite the wicked we shall feast in Heaven and dine on the blood of s. With great power comes great responsibility — not Megalomania. Elf and Dwarf alike were united in their corruption — their abuse of power and their crumbling ethical codes. Corrupt mages, evil kings, wicked demons, blasphemous vampires, and even their sycophantic, enabling lackeys…are his nemesis. They shall come to know and fear the name Wyndstrom as they once did millennia ago.

Damage 2d4x10

IQ: 16
Communicate through limited telepathy
Totally indestructible
Parry energy blasts: -6
-1 to all saves

Alignment: Aberrant Evil

Soul Drinker
6x / 24 hrs
x2 damage if skin is cut – soul is drank

Fire Elemental Spells – 6th level:
x4 / day
Cloud of steam
Cloud of Ash
Blue Flame

The curse: The sword is honorable,but evil. As such, it
will try to corrupt its master into thinking its way : Aberrant Evil .
furthermore, it inflicts upon its owner lbe Curse of Vulnerability:
-2 on all saving throws, cannot roll with impact, and, in this
case, reduced healing (normal medical restores only one


Thousands of years ago, Wyndstrom was a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros. He had dedicated his life to the eradication of powerful magic and magic-users. The Time of a Thousand Magics is little known as most of the information has been destroyed or suppressed to prevent it from, once again, consuming the world and destroying everything we know and love.

The Elf-Dwarf War is also known as the Great War; it is a war he fought, killed, and died in. It took place approximately five-thousand years ago and ravaged the entire Palladium world. This destruction and chaos sown by the combatants of this war had never before been seen; it was devastation on a scale of World Destruction and it changed the entire face of the world. Giant scars ran deeply through once lush gardens and forests. A massive abyss rent the entire fabric of the land like a gaping gash — an open wound in the earth. Baalgor became a Wasteland, Blasted Lands, Chaos Lands, the oceans rose and fell, raining fire from the skies…it was utter chaos. Millions of lives were lost. One of which was his own. The Illuminates of Thanateros, his brothers in arms, embraced the war to enact vengeance on the usurpers. Wyndtrom was a warrior’s mage-bane blade. They called him and others like him the Godslayers because they were tasked with hunting down ANY who were corrupt — even the gods themselves — and bringing them to call for their wickedness and corruption…for their ABUSE OF POWER.

At the end of the war, despite his dashing reputation and daunting kill-score, Wyndstrom volunteered for immortality in the form of a Godslayer Blade. So true and pure is his devotion to the tenets of Thanateros that self-induced imprisonment — both in the sword AND in the temple — were his only course of action. The powers-that-be were the powers-that-remained after the dust settled, the smoke cleared, and the other shoe dropped. The Remnants created a powerful prison with permanent enchantments to secret away the dangerous weapons and sequester them away from power-mongers, megalomaniacs, the greedy, and the corrupt. There was, however, some humanitarian aspect to this imprisonment. The sacrifices and contributions of the Rune Weapons’ Souls were not in vain and not to be forgotten. The temple was constructed to house these tools and to offer them a measure of decency for eternity. They were able to manifest physical forms inside the temple confines; they could eat, sleep, chat, and pass the time in the company of others like them — Rune Peers.


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