All My Love...

Dearest Emalee,

It’s been four months now that I have been on the road. I miss you and little Jezebel with all my soul. With some luck and favor I have managed to find the Deacons Wake (as it has become known to the places he visits) and therefore I cannot be very far behind him. All tell stories of a dark stranger who entered town quietly and who left after a particularly gruesome confrontation. It seems he has a particular distaste for bandits and an affinity for orphans.

I have no choice to acknowledge his conviction for dispatching those who would cause harm; however, it is not his position to convict. The justice system I have sworn to uphold makes not provisions for vigilantes. He makes no attempt of trial to ensure the innocent are as they proclaim. It is this “sin” (as he would say) that I cannot look away from. He’s out there somewhere and I will bring him back for proper justice. The Deacon cannot be allowed to continue.

I’ve found myself headed to old Wisconsin. I’ve heard there have been lots of doin’s between Tolkeen and Chi Town. A bloody war of magic. I’m sure the Deacon will head there like a moth to a flame.

All my love,
Dallas Winter, Sheriff of Sesquahana Falls

All My Love...

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