Chapter 13

So after we killed rasp things kinda settled down for a few moments. then helldamn picked up his robe and started acting funny. me and zander followed him out of the castle. i guess at some point zander used his mystic alarm to contact trent. Needless to say trent and even rugger where there at the entrance to the mansion waiting for us. helldamn kept talking to himself ans then walked back into the castle. we all followed. half way back to the study bubba comes plowing through the wall! that right! the fucking wall! hes screaming bout his dead daddy…cry baby. anyways we stuck rugger with calming him down while the rest of us went after hell damn

when we got into the study helldamn was rooting aroud near the desk when i heard a click..i immediatly jumped back just intime to avoid getting hit with a magical explosion. trent? not so lucky. apprently it zapped all his ppe. good thin g i had apple to give me these reflexes. so next i charged helldamn and tried to pin him to the wall…missed him by this much | |. he tried to take a swing at me but with apples help i parried him with out an issue. we both looked at eacvh other and all i thoguht was “i knew one day i would have to bring down this rabid dog..” but he used carpet and then i paralyzed him. this gave zander enough time to get the robe off him. so while he was still paralyzed and i was free me and trent found a silver dagger in the ruins of the desk. i carefully placed it into my bag and we all left the caslte(ell i did anyways)

when we all regrouped outside we took some time to get our powers back .i had a small conversation with my new axe freind(covered else where in this book) and planned out attack on the nexus and dyveel! trent had a great plan. it required me to just gaurd rugger..i can deal with that. plan went as it should(for once!) and the array in dyvell was destroyed! trent then tranported us to lazlo..but thats for another chapter.

best shot!

Chapter 13

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