Jaena Slayne's Apex Assessment

Jaena Slayne’s techno-wizardly assessment of the purloined Apex Array:

- It is ancient (to her) and predates the apocalypse and everything that is known about modern-day techno-wizardry and psychic-science.

- It runs on potential psychic energy but doesn’t have any internal P.P.E. batteries. I need to see the machine this was attached to. Given its date of birth it is likely that the concept of a “battery” existed but the technology hadn’t yet been invented or implemented.

- The “apex array” is a collection of gems and crystals (Jeremejevite, Black Opal, Red Beryl Emerald, Musgravite, Grandidierite, Painite, Blue Garnet, Serendibite, Red Diamond, and Jadeite) that is arranged in such a manner as to replicate the spell “Dimensional Portal.”

- The throttling mechanic or governor controlling the speed (from within the actual array itself) is tied directly to a remote sensor crystal array somewhere on the machine (again I need to see a complete picture for an accurate assessment) — a secondary array that appears to be attuned to the variable frequencies and dimensional fluctuations of the dimension Dyval. Breaching the dimensional fabric of the place is veritably IMPOSSIBLE without being at either the East Gate or West Gate or having express permission and consent from Grim Mortis via Sahtalus. I don’t know very much about Dyval but I know that you don’t get into or out of that place without the big guy knowing it.

- The “apex array” is tainted by something I have never seen before; it is psychic, malevolent, and sticky with sinister evil. The “residue” is reminiscent of some the psychic slurry or sludge from Psyscape that they find in the wake of the Nxla’s Harvesters; another possible link is a vampiric intelligence or possibly even Splugorthian. I would have to see this in action if I am to fully assess and diagnose this…psychic slurry.

- Whether or not this slurry residue is related to the “taint” I observed from the last equipment you had me investigate is unknown to me though the correlations are there. I will need more time to dissect the trace elements of this “taint” and to locate, localize, and isolate the disparities. It actually appears to be an alteration in wavelength and a harmonic in scale and frequency…similar to the last equipment.

- What the machine does with the PPE it channels is unknown to me without seeing the full generator in action or a complete schematic. It is obvious that it generates a Dimensional Portal. However, there is MORE than enough energy to just generate portals. What it does with the excess energy is unknown to me.

- I am keeping this piece as my payment; I am also procuring the trademarks, patents, and limited liability protections as we speak. If Trent Logan won’t deal with me directly he can deal with my lawyers. That is, if he ever shows his face in Lazlo again.

Jaena Slayne's Apex Assessment

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