Journal - Trent - Entry 41

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We found a whole group of druids at Stonehenge, trying in vain to contain the beings which kept popping out of the mega-rift there. I sent them a scroll to allow them to create a superior protection circle, in the hopes that would give them a fighting chance against the gigantic monster this rift had produced.

We could definitely feel the corruption in the magical energy here. Pall Mall and I started conducting our investigation and we discovered a micro-rift inside the mega-rift! I took one of the spare video/radio comm devices and telekinetically tossed it through the micro-rift. As it bounced around I got a good enough view to see three things:

1. The other side of the rift appeared to be the dimension of Dyval
2. There was a giant, almost house-sized “mad science” machine operating there.
3. It was guarded by Deevils. One of which picked up the camera as if bounced through and ate it.

But this place, Stonehenge, was still very much a war zone. We couldn’t investigate this safely for much longer on our own. I left to collect our allies: McGreggor and Steve… and also James. I was still very much angry at the demigod but I brought him along too for the extra help. When I brought up what he did he was confused, and insistent that he never abandoned my things like I seemed to remember.

This confused James, and it confused me. Was something wrong with me, causing me to remember something that never happened? Something definitely seemed wrong with me right then, I was sure. In a panic I left them there, all of them. I travelled along one of the Ley Lines there randomly just to get out of the area and give myself space to figure this out.

I materialized far enough away that the open rifts from Stonehenge were no longer in my sensing range. I was in the open, exposed, so I looked around for a place with a little more cover, where I could peacefully meditate. Nearby was a small copse of trees. I could hear some sort of low chanting emanating from there, so I cautiously checked it out.

The only thing that initially stood out to me was the giant tree in the center of this small grove. Something tried to touch my mind but I resisted it – then I renewed my search to see what was around. I wasn’t about to let any Coalition psychics get the drop on me. I enchanted myself to see the invisible and I noticed a bunch of forest animals in the area, of all kinds, and they appeared to be the ones producing this strange, low singing/chanting.

Huh. Well, I’ve seen weirder things I suppose.

I sat down at the base of the tall tree in the center and, after making sure the forest critters weren’t prepping for an attack, I began to meditate in order to try and clear my mind and reconcile my own memories. I was there for a while, and was making some progress when a voice broke into my mind. I looked around but the animals seemed no different. It suddenly hit me then what was going on.

I was sitting beneath a famed Millennium Tree.

Was it the tree talking with me? It was. It talked about a “corruption” that was spreading, and how my own mind was infected. Well, that made sense – I know there’s a taint on magical energy, and I’ve begun to suspect for some time now that it has affected me, so having this confirmation was nothing new. It told me there was no hiding from the corruption, but I responded to it that I wasn’t trying to hide from it, that I had been running from it.

It mentioned brothers and sisters, and how they have also experienced others with this “corruption.” It also told me of the druids, and their connection which was not quite worship, but not too far off. And a mother Gaia. I of course don’t hold with worshipping any of these beings, but I can appreciate them and be thankful when they have directly impacted me. I shared with it some of what I had been doing, and what prompted me to leave my companions behind for the time being.

The tree expressed sympathy and told me that memory issues because of the corruption weren’t unheard of. I felt some movement near me and saw a chipmunk settle down next to me, where I was sitting. I left it alone but gave a wary eye to the rest of the critters in the area. It asked me if I was “aware” of the corruption within me. I could only say that I had suspected some issues with my mind for some time now, but how can I know? This journal helps a little, and if this taint or corruption is what caused the mental pain I’ve experienced in the past, then in a way I’m aware. But what specifically… I wasn’t sure.

We continued to talk, and time continued to pass. The details of the conversation aren’t important, except for this: The tree mentioned “Dimensions of the Mind” to me again in describing some similar issues the “All-Mother” had noticed in a traveler recently. Of course that hit me like a mental punch! That phrase again, and again, I keep hearing it. But no-one has been able to explain what that means to me, nor have I had any luck in researching it. This tree tried to say my teachers had been bad since they had not expounded on this term to me.

Whoa there buddy. Don’t you go bad-mouthing my teachers! That isn’t your place.

After an apology, this tree asked if I was willing to let it examine me psychically. At this point I didn’t see the harm in that, so I gave it my permission. It was a strange feeling, sitting there watching memories be examined that I didn’t call up myself. Everything was out of order and disjointed, but there they were – memories of Lars, ’Drew, Jescha, my mother… everyone I knew or know and the memories surrounding them.

This took no more than a moment of time but it felt as if hours passed during this barrage of memories. But then I received some unexpected insight! One of my memories of Lars, shortly before we were “captured” by the Coalition, as it came up I also recalled the nearly identical memory the Enclave had shown me, of the same scene but with Lars revealed as Baaz…

When these two nearly memories were… how do I describe it? Together? Next to each other? My senses suddenly picked up on a sort of dimensional anomaly – like there was an infinitesimal space or anomaly BETWEEN the two memories! Was this a “Dimension of the Mind?” Or something else? The tree finished its rifling of my memories and then said to me that it had never seen anyone so badly affected by the corruption.

It also informed me that I had been the victim of memory alteration, or tampering. Not only that, but there were other personality fragments in my mind, as well as entire aspects of my mind which were no longer even present – wiped away, erased, or even stolen? Was it my imagination, or did the entire tree shudder as it thought that to me?

I opened my eyes to see that many more of the forest animals had decided to come over to me. Rabbits, squirrels, birds, rabbits, a fox, and even a bear cub – all were either resting next to me or on me. The fox was nestled quite comfortably in my lap. But, I was comfortable. I didn’t relish the thought of being a bed or nest for these animals, but at the risk of angering the tree (especially when I was right on the cusp of realization – I could feel it!) I let them stay where they were.

Then I had it. I asked the tree if what he described, that aspects of my mind could be removed, if that was something I might have done to myself, on purpose, and deliberately not remembered? The tree believed it could be possible, but it would take a powerful psychic to determine if that was true, and a powerful master of dimensions to confirm it.

My last communication with the tree, it told me that it was sorry it could not cure me of what afflicted me, but it could offer some help to give me temporary reprieve. A small branch, more like a twig, really, then fell from tree into my lap, next to the fox resting there. On this twig were three small leaves. The tree said that if I chewed on a leaf, I should experience at least some temporary relief. I thanked it and then we stayed there in silence.

I came to the conclusion that James must be telling the truth. Both sets of memories feel real to me, but why would James lie? I don’t think the Coalition would try to turn him against me, as a Supernatural being they would destroy him first. Even the Vanguard wouldn’t sink that low. No, this must be part of the “corruption,” or “taint” that I have been experiencing. I came to this decision and realized that I had been gone now for over a day. Surely my friends weren’t at Stonehenge anymore

Wait, did I just call them my “friends?” Is that what they have become? I guess maybe they are. Strange friends, but friends nonetheless. And I abandoned them. I suddenly felt sick and got up, spilling the animals off of me and stretching for the first time in hours. I thanked the tree and focused on meeting up with my friends. I opened myself up to the Ley Line and ’ported back to Stonehenge.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 41

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